It’s a Funny Story…

Thanks for reading my blog.


By now, you’re probably wondering, does this girl have a name?

Why, yes, yes I do have a name. It’s Amanda. I have a name and a passport, and this, combined with my family and friends, are the things I hold most dearly to me.

Come along, let’s adventure together. Travel, yoga, reading, writing, & music are just a few of my favorite things.

That’s why I have been to these countries:

Tanzania, Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa, Egypt, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Ireland, Italy, England, Holland, Argentina, Canada and the U.S.A

and to about 400 concerts; I went to 80 last summer!


Email me at :; I love making new friends.

3 thoughts on “It’s a Funny Story…

  1. Hi Amanda.
    I found you on BYOM and I don’t believe in accidents. I’m a PMH Nurse and I’m a very passionate advocate, activist and change agent. I would like to see the end of the stigma surrounding Mental Health, hopefully in my lifetime. I feel that so many lives could have been saved if only people sought help.

    I feel inspired by your blog. I just gave you a “follow”… I hope you’ll check out my blog , too.
    I didn’t know about WFMH until I saw your site so I’m following it on FB also and I’m looking forward to attending one of their conferences in the near future (and maybe joining, too).
    Keep inspiring!

    Carpe diem!

    1. wow, I got goosebumps. I am sorry this has taken me a long time to get back to you. I also don’t believe in accidents- I’m more of a fate, faithful in God’s plan- kinda gal! I strive to give people confidence and inspiration with my words, daily, on this platform. It just wasn’t doing it for me, so I decided to take a little breather and come back. Next, I don’t know, maybe a new blog? Something different with this one? I’m so proud of what I’ve built here but I’d like to have a change. WFMH is an incredible organization which could use a bit of help! I have been to 3 conferences ( South Africa, 2011; Argentina, 2013; Egypt, 2015) as a PR Advocate and volunteer. I’ve tried to get the word out about the ideas to be presented at the Congress and think and KNOW that a lot more than what I can do alone needs to be done…We need a whole NETWORK of people working hard to change a mental health stigma. It’s so hard to know where to start, but I know step by step it can be done. I am so thankful for your work and the work of millions like yourself who tirelessly work to combat it in their daily lives. I’d love to stay connected. lots of luck to you.

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