My, how I’ve grown

Why this is important:

It’s been one year since I left a job that was no longer right for me. One year since I made a decision which has made me happier, and healthier, and more in love and at ease with myself than I’ve ever been.

There’s a lot in me which is no longer there, and reminiscent of what I was once. There’s more of me which is louder, better, faster, harder working, more diligent, more loving and more careful.

I’m not a child. I’ve grown up.

Here I am, in a year:

I left Vermont, where I grew up, to move to New York, where I called home.

I moved in with my mom. We are at peace, and settled.

I love my little sister, in a big way, more and more everyday.

I helped my mom plant a garden. Watched, I watched my mom plant a garden, and I helped it grow.

I fell in love and met the love of my life. I feel like shouting this one from the rooftops, but we are good, he is Good, and we are happy, and kind to one another.

I am in a 500 hour yoga teacher training.

I went to California! For the first time! By myself! and I took a train! all! over! it! and I loved it ! all!

I love my life. There, I said it.

I like my work, as a PR Specialist, and I do more bigger and badder things most regularly.

I take out the trash! I do chores, and it’s kind of fun. ( I always did chores, but now it’s for the good of others [mom, sister, boyfriend] and myself).

I took road trips to: Rhode Island, New Jersey, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and I wasn’t scared.


My best friend got married, and I was there to support her and cry from the sidelines.

I haven’t written, but I had something to say, so I wrote today. People tell you all the time, but, basically, whatever you want to be, go and be it. Whatever you want to do, go and try it. See if you really like it, and, if not, you can always come back home. That’s where you’ll find your heart, anyway- or at least I did. Here it is, all of me, things I did, saw, ate, loved, places I traveled, in a nutshell, one year hence.

And I loved. Did I mention how much I loved?


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