A New Chapter

I started this journey with Kind of Mind in 2013. In the beginning, my blog was going to be a light, shining a beacon of hope into a world where mental health stigma exists. I am/was super passionate about the field of mental health and the work I did with the World Federation of Mental Health. I knew there was a large network of people who could use a lift.

Three and a half years later, I look at where I have come from and I am proud of the work I have done on this blog. I have an online journal of sorts, lots has changed since I started this spot and I haven’t been the same person in a while. I know it’s time to move on, healthy for me to change. I don’t look at this as a failure, rather, I see it as a success because I am able to help others on a new path now.

I want to carry on blogging. I know I have the talent, writing skill and where with all that you have to have to be a successful blogger. I take a lot of heart from my readers, and the ones who like and comment my posts really keep me going. I actually HAVE helped people, and I look at that as a success.

Although I try to not get down about this, it IS hard to be in the social media and blogging world without a steady stream of traffic. Everyone is looking to make income from their blogs, attract more Pinterest followers, Facebook likes, and Google Ad revenue streams, and, while I would like to one day be on that journey, too, right now I am not, which is sort of sad. I don’t like how far off the motivational track I’d once been on I am now; I haven’t written in almost two months as the idea of coming here and posting made me feel depressed, almost like coming back to a place that once felt homey and now felt intrusive, like why haven’t I been working harder, why is it 3 years and my blog’s still not going to be a success?

I don’t feel like writing anymore today, God’s given me many a gift in my life, and this journey is all a part of it. I don’t want anyone to see this as a sad post; rather, I think this is the start of a growing and larger chapter in my life which will be part of a lifestyle type blog which is currently unfolding in my heart and I just want to get this off my chest before I can let it begin.

Thank you for following the tales of my life and all the heartaches, love, poems and all the stories I have shared here.

Let’s talk soon!


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