Intentions on a Monday

peaceful, serene, accepted, loved.

How do you want to feel this week?

Before your work day begins, challenge yourself to set the bar high, cast an intention over your week, and hear your heart when you ask what you need.

It’s going to be a busy and fun weekend, maybe playing outside or sipping adult beverages to celebrate Independence Day. There’s nothing wrong with vowing to achieve your inner truth, first.

Sit in silence. Look inward. Steer yourself away from thoughts clouding your mind, and let go of the past. Voice your concerns over whatever it is you are dwelling on, and let it go.

It can be difficult to look up at the beauty that is your life and feel you deserve it all. I try to see one way God is helping me in my own life daily, whether its a smile or kind offering from a stranger, the benefits of love in my daily life, a patient co-worker. Let your heart be full of these things, and more joy will come to you. Get rid of the negative, and grow, where you are.

I re-read an old gratitude journal from 2011-2013 last night, before bed. I was ( and am still) amazed at the caliber of grateful-ness I saw in my younger self. I look at that time now and am happy the seeds were planted for the future I live in today. We must not settle. We deserve the whole world.


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