Why Being Uncomfortable is a Good Thing

Gotta remember this every time I hesitate to do a pose because of my wrists. Obviously I won't do anything to hurt them, but they won't improve if I refuse to do anything with them.:

We don’t like being in uncomfortable situations.

We’re instinctively wired to seek comfort, ease and shelter. Except this isn’t how we grow, it’s the longest and hardest days of our lives which make up the length of our character.

I know if I want something, I have to work for it, that’s what I was taught. If you want to work to become a better person, your journey is not simple. I think its important to confront the fears within yourself, and seek higher goals, once you’ve conquered those obstacles.

Less worrying about the future, and more listening to your ‘now’. What is it ‘now’ which is challenging you? What is your heart saying?

We know inside of us we carry a greater strength than we could possibly ever imagine. We can be lawyers, doctors, 500 hour yoga instructors, and more. If you’re seeking the thing you’ve always known, you won’t reach the thing you’ve always wanted.

If you’re looking to settle into a life of your own creation, seek out advancements in every aspect of your life which will help you grow. Tough relationship conversations equals a better, stronger and healthier relationship. Seeking out a new job because you’re not challenged in your old one more likely than not equals a new, more exciting workplace for you. Need to earn a Master’s to step into your dream role? It will happen once you eliminate the fear, start the task of getting started, and begin.

Overall, I love my whole life, every inch of it. I feel healthy and good. I know I am strong, and I seek out opportunities to continue to grow, with yoga, work, relationships, and my family. I love this idea of growth as not something scary, but as something which we will be thankful for our whole lives.


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