Standard Process Purification- I Officially Want a Donut

It’s awesome that I’ve been on this cleanse for a week today. I’m less hyper, my moods feel more balanced, I am not craving cheese or meat or alcohol, I sleep better, my skin looks nice, and I’ve lost about 7 pounds.

Yesterday was the first day the cleanse was ‘hard’. I went to a vegan restaurant around the corner from my job ( weeping, as they’re only open Monday and Tuesday but I want to eat there EVERY DAY now), and ordered a kale salad, spiced lentil stew, and the holy grail- ‘untuna’, a chickpea-celery-pecan delicacy that changed my day, so…

I’m officially a fan.

Then, my mom threw a dinner party.

For 20 people.

As I walked in the door, I felt like the only thing which could knock me off my cleanse rocker would be if there was seafood. I LOVE seafood, lobster especially, but it’s such a treat, as my mom is not a fan and therefore never cooks it. I don’t cook it at home (unless its on the grill) as she doesn’t like the smell of it cooking, either.

In case you’re not seeing how this is going, THERE WAS LOBSTER AT MY SHELLFISH-HATING MAMA’S PARTY.

Because her boyfriend loves lobster and brought it along. I basically made eye contact with the fish and told it I would be back for it one day, as I assembled a sad looking plate of mixed vegetables, bean dip and hummus (not cleanse approved…f*ck you, cleanse).

I DID drink a lot of tea, and several people commented on my willpower at being in that environment and not drinking alcohol. I have done crazy things of this nature before, mostly when preparing for a scholarship competition (beauty pageant) or while I was in yoga school. Even then, this is definitely the more intense version of any diet or fad health kick I’ve been on.

Like I said in this post, I’m thankful for my former vegan days, as I feel unbothered by eating vegetables in mass quantities for days. The big issue today, of course there is an issue, is that I’m sugar and coffee deprived. I spent hours on Pinterest yesterday, looking at beautiful vegan desserts, and dishes, and wishing I would have the willpower and discipline to make them all night long.

Definitely happy I wasn’t cheating on my cleanse, which I dreamed I would do the night before the dinner party. I have been craving bread and sugar and dessert all day, as well as coffee, so maybe I am tired, or getting through the sugar withdrawal part of the cleanse.

It gets easier on Saturday, as we incorporate organic chicken and wild fish back into our diets, so I’m thankful for that. I am working a country music festival this weekend, long hours, a lot of walking and standing, so it’s a good time to not be eating a lot of delicious foods. Then, a triathlon the weekend after, an event at which I am part of the team that puts it on, should also keep me busy, therefore not focusing on the gross vegetables I’m consuming instead of delicious deep-fried oreos.

Just kidding. I know I signed up for this, and I know the reasons why- to be a healthier, more balanced, best version of myself. It’s starting, I think, and I know by the end, I will feel great, have tons of energy and be glad I did this.

Now, time to make chai chia seed pudding.




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