Monday Motivation: 21 Day Standard Process Purification

My friend Brooke and I have signed up for, and completed 5 days of, the Standard Process Purification.

It’s a cleanse which eliminates: 1. gluten/grains, 2. dairy, 3. coffee, 4. alcohol, 5. sugar, 6. environmental toxins, 7. processed food, 8. nuts/seeds.

The first 10 days, you’re allowed to eat as many vegetables as you want, eat fruit at a ratio of 2:1 vegetables to fruit, and 1/2 cup of lentils and brown rice a day. It’sΒ helpful for me that I was a vegan at one point for 9 months, and a vegetarian for years and years. This doesn’t feel that hard to me. I miss beer, cheese and coffee.

I’ve been drinking a lot of green tea. The benefits I have seen so far: increased energy when I get out of bed in the morning, stable, happy moods, a weight loss of 6 lbs in 5 days, increased connection to intuition ( I’ll talk about that more below), clearer skin, and overall feeling healthier.

When I became a vegan, I was also doing two other things a lot: 1. meditating, and 2. barefoot ( using Vibram 5Fingers) running, along Lake Champlain. Those things combined with not eating animal products or by products, gave me an intense and wonderfully spiritual connection to nature, the Universe and other people.

I felt like I was honed in on my intuition greatly. As a social extrovert, I felt challenged by social situations, competing with others, or anything that wasn’t a natural ‘flow’. I tapped into others energies more than usual, as I do as an empath. I felt like I got ‘messages’ or ‘signs’ more frequently, and God gave me a lot of blessings about believing in myself during this time.

As the years have flown by since I became, and quit being, a vegan, I’ve contemplated what’s the best possible way of eating for me. I am technically supposed to avoid dairy, gluten, and brewer’s yeast, as I have a food sensitivity to all three. Until recently, I didn’t take them seriously, as I felt ‘fine’ after eating any of that, and drinking beer.

Then, my mama and I were in the kitchen. I was having a bowl of cereal, and I picked up the Horizon Organic Skim Milk instead of my normal Almond Breeze to accompany my Kashi cereal. The next hour, I was sitting down, ingesting Tums, in so much abdominal pain, I could’ve cried. My mom asked, “Why do you do this to yourself?”

Well, that week I began this cleanse.

In the future, I know I’d like to adopt more of the vegetables over meat ideology that’s constructed with this cleanse. As a bonus, my boyfriend has been extremely supportive, and was right there with me, eating veggies and rice during the time we would normally go out to dinner or mow on tacos.

My friend Brooke and I keep tabs on one another with text updates, which helps. By Saturday, we can eat organic chicken and fish. After that, it’s going to be 10 days which will be filled with smoothies, organic chicken and fish, and vegetables which are mostly raw. Overall, I feel this was just what I needed to do to keep my allergies in check and sort of healthfully reset my body and mind to thinking that I can keep some strains of being a vegan.

I so loved being a vegan, I really did. I loved trying and cooking all this new good for me and the environment food. I loved eating raw, and making smoothies all the time, which I continue to do, and juicing vegetables and kale. Making up my mind to end my vegan-hood was a struggle, but it was what I needed to do, as my hair was falling out, and I couldn’t stay awake at all. I feel like being a vegan taught me a lot of stuff, though, about how it’s possible to be a mostly meat-free, dairy-free eater and live a fully healthy life. My own fault for slipping on the supplements and meal preparation it would take for me to be comfortable in that lifestyle.

Have you tried a cleanse before? Tell me which one and how it went in the comments. Also, check out my pinterest board for recipe inspiration!


3 thoughts on “Monday Motivation: 21 Day Standard Process Purification

    1. I’m not sure! I think it has more to do with eliminating possible pesticides or toxins that may have been sprayed on the nuts than the actual nutritional properties in them.

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