Intriguing Things: June Edition


Nothing like the month of June to make you re-evaluate how the year is going.

Summer’s officially here, and I like to keep tabs on my year at the beginning of the month, and set my new goals, for the second half of the year.

Setting goals will always be a strength of mine, especially as I grow older, my will power and determination for keeping those goals grows. I am all for giving up when the goal you’ve set long ago no longer serves your present purpose or heart’s calling, so we have to stay in touch with our bodies and intuition.

That being said, I have some goals on deck for June. I am working three weekends in a row this month, Mountain Jam, Taste of Country, and a triathlon in Hague, NY. All three require me to be on my feet for 12+ hours at a time, entertaining and engaging with patrons, and lifting heavy things. It’s a great way to interact with people, and should be good for my first goal which is…

1. Saving Money

Catskill, NY

It’s always a goal to put away some cash, but this month I have the opportunity to work a few events which will help me do so. The beauty of working on weekends, despite the long hours, is that I’m not going out to dinner, making plans to go on a mini-vacation, or spending money at a flea market. Going to do all of that once this month is over, though, for sure!

As for what I would do with a hefty nest egg in the bank, I’d like to invest it. It’s exciting for me to believe that I can afford a home of my own someday, without the help of a partner or a parent, and put the down payment down myself. Of course, it’s fine to do this with a partner too. I think it’s a great investment piece, especially in the tourist-heavy, ski-resort laden, summer music festival-saturated area I currently reside in- ski house, anyone?!

Finally, the activities I explore during the summer ( hiking, swimming, running, state parks, waterfalls, sitting in the hammock and reading a book, bonfires with friends) aren’t cost heavy. The biggest expense of my summer is usually Osheaga, an amazing and epic experience in Montreal, Canada, where I reunite with all my closest friends from Burlington, Vermont, and we dance the weekend away to amazing bands.

It’s awesome I love to explore the natural world, but I wouldn’t forgo a fancy dinner or afternoon at the theatre every now and then; life’s a balancing act, after all!

2. Standard Process Purification

Grand Junction, CO

Right now, I am on day two of the Standard Process Purification cleanse, which lasts for 21 days. A friend and I paid about $115 (wholesale, it retails for $250), and we’re currently swallowing 30 vitamins a day, eating vegetables for 10 days before we’re allowed meat for the last 11 days, and not eating/drinking/consuming: meat, dairy, alcohol, caffeine, nuts, seeds, gluten, etc. So far, so good, but it’s going to be amazing for me to say I have completed this cleanse during all the work I am doing this month and come back to my summer, the next weekend I am off, happy, healthier, and stronger, because of it!

After the cleanse, my hope is to continue to rely mostly on lean, organic meats, and organic vegetables for my diet. I would rather not consume gluten or dairy, and would be open to dairy- and gluten-free alternatives.

3. Home Practice for Yoga

Pure Mountain Yoga, Full Wheel

I recently hit my one year anniversary of becoming a yoga instructor, and man, it feels great. So far, I have taught 2-3xs a week since then, and it’s a lot more than I ever anticipated. Now, I’m looking to grow my practice to incorporate some of the more challenging postures I’d like to learn to do, and to teach a wider audience, at a variety of places.

To start this process, I applied to several 500 hour yoga teacher trainings in the area, which all start in the fall, and run for about 9 months. If I graduate from a 500 hour, I would then like to run retreats, teach yoga teachers how to become teachers, and eventually, pursue a Master’s in Holistic Psychology or Mental Health Counseling, and roll it up into one, dynamite holistic healing center.

For now, home practice is my first and foremost step. I remember when I was in yoga school, my instructor, Piper, encouraged us to ‘develop a home practice’, which I didn’t fully commit to. It’s the essence of yoga, though; being able to find peace and serenity, even when you’re unrolling your mat next to a pile of dirty laundry. For my June goal, I want to develop a home practice, and see how this helps me in my larger, 2016 goals of being able to do a forearm balance, headstand, handstand, and split.

4.Β Join a New Gym


National Monument, Washington, DC; Full Wheel

There’s nothing wrong with Planet Fitness, except for the glaring florescent lighting, large, muscular, tiny tank-topped men walking around grunting, and giant purple machinery everywhere. It’s the easiest place to go, though, as it’s closer to work and home and more convenient than other options.

Luckily, it’s time to move on. The new gym I am joining was looking for yoga instructors to sub classes, and, in return, I get a free membership. It’s next to my work, about 1 minute away, and it has classes all day, two locations, and a sauna. Hallelujah!

5. 2016 Goal Progress


Venice Beach, California

In case you forgot ( or I never told you), my 2016 goals were/are:

  1. save money
  2. teach more yoga
  3. do a forearm balance, headstand, handstand, split (without the wall!)
  4. land a job where I can travel and I like the work I am doing
  5. teach myself how to play guitar (one song, I’ll accept one song!)
  6. run a full marathon (26.2 for 26 years old!)
  7. run a half marathon
  8. hike more often
  9. balance, love, happiness.


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