Monday Motivation: You Don’t Owe Anything to Anyone

Here’s a good lesson for the week class: you owe nothing to nobody and nobody owes nothing to you.

I’ve seen a lot of entitlement in various forms, especially through social media, and the over-popularization of relationship details and gift details on this medium. I’ve also seen older generations comment about how millennials don’t know the value of hard work, and we’re lazy and all narcissists.

Cool it, gang.

It is a fact to remember, that you were put here on this earth as a tool, to make the planet thrive and to help others grow stronger, and, in through these actions, you attain enlightenment and make your own soul soar. Nice idea, right? Selfies, engagement rings the size of a steering wheel and the Kardashians have let us forget some of the beautiful and pure things we are here for.

You don’t owe someone sex if they bought you dinner. You don’t owe your boss 7 days a week of work if you agreed to 5. You don’t owe your parents a relationship if they have emotionally or physically harmed you your entire life. You don’t owe the internet photographs of your life, and you don’t owe anything to anyone but yourself.


We’re going to be here for a while, I hope, on this Planet Earth. Mother Nature is the only other thing we are fully committed to, besides our own human form, because this is our home. Animals instinctively know how to raise their young, feed themselves, escape predators and more. We can’t take care of anyone without their consent. You’re not going to force someone to change. Everyday, you can focus on one thing and one thing only, to make your life, and the lives of others better, because you’re working at making it better.

There are things like, making yourself work, leading a healthy and active lifestyle, abstaining from chemical substances which cause you harm, fueling your life with activities that bring you joy, surrounding yourself with folks who care for you and inspire you to live a higher life, that you could bring to the table.

Let yourself be fully engulfed with your own energy. Think of your energy like a soft, hazy wave, floating around you constantly. When you think happy thoughts, the wave reaches out further, glows brighter. If you eat a healthy salad, the wave grows brighter. If you read a beautiful love poem, the wave shimmers.

Add to your own light. Never take away from it. Keep going out of your way to make yourself uncomfortable, with trying new things, traveling to faraway lands, and getting out of your damn comfort zone.

You’re this-close to living the life you’ve always imagined, so give up the notion that anything besides healthy habits and hard work will get you where you want to be. Let go of things, people, or places holding you back. Be totally honest- can you see yourself where you in a few years? Do you have big goals which you’re not working towards everyday? Put them on paper.

I want to see you write. Give yourself the best possible everything you can, and come clean about that which actually brings you joy. You will be surprised with the things that come out .




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