Fitness Friday: Why Prioritizing Health is Key

I said a yo-yo-yo, Fitness Friday, ya’ll!

Time to get down to business. If you’re like me, another jam-packed week just flew by. Well-thought out meals, 64 oz. of water consumed ~on the reg~, and a couple of sweat sessions were in there, too. Now you can relax, right?


We all think that if we down a couple beers, maybe keep the Knicks game on or cruise Pandora while we lay on the couch, we’re going to remain healthy, because we’ve put some energy into it during the week. That being said, we can’t give ourselves away just because we were ‘good’ for 5 days. It’s all about balance.


balancing, but not really balanced- 22 is hard

Trust me, I know. I’m 5’6, a muscularly-built, and big bootied, woman. I’ve been a vegan (9 months), a vegetarian ( 5 years), a pescatarian ( 2 years), a juice cleanser ( 3 days), an almost raw vegan ( 4 minutes), gluten-free ( 3 months), alcohol-free (on & off for months at a time, for years), and back to a normal, Americanized, carnivorous diet. In this time, my weight has shifted from a healthy, balanced, before-ever-dieting 145, during the off season from high school sports, to 135 in season, to 175 pounds, gained while studying abroad and consuming massive amounts of carbs.accep_di

Then, 123 lbs, when I couldn’t eat a thing, and was filled with dread about how many calories were in anything- a low point in the life of this foodie gal.

Unsurprisingly, many of the women I’m friends with report similar stories, as the media and our own pressure on ourselves have warped our mind‘s image about what is truly healthy.

But here the secret, right. Nothing. Nothing is the secret. Because what works for me, might not work for you, and vice versa. And learning to balance doesn’t mean giving up an entire food group or type of food or time of day you eat because that’s not what balance is.



You have to take the good with the bad, the thin you with the fat you, and love yourself in between.





<—–skinny mini ( not so healthy on the inside, but I’m grateful today for what I went through then)

I’ve been reading a lot about the spiritual side of weight loss, basically, how what we think about ourselves can affect how we look on the outside. Christians call it ‘being spiritually fat’, i.e. being so filled with God that you honor your body and soul because you’re an expression of His love. More new-age thought is that your life is so filled with meditation and things that serve your soul that the food that enters your body is pure nourishment to help you continue on your Divine path.

I buy into this, but I also believe in this stuff.

That being said, I think it’s cool to think that by meditating, praying, doing activities you love, weeding out people or things that make you feel ‘less than’, and choosing food that comes from the earth and is humanely raised, you can raise your vibration in such a way that you will naturally shed weight. It’s also ironic that in this line of thinking the only way to lose weight is to first love yourself exactly where you are.

If you want to figure out if clean eating, macro/micro counting, pizza for breakfast-lunch-and-dinner or an all raw diet is right for you, go ahead. But mainly, nurture yourself, define healthy as to how it feels, not how it looks, and be true to yourself.




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