Intriguing Things: Beyoncé Edition

It’s Wednesday, gang.

That time of the week where I write about all that’s intriguing me now, except this week, I’m changing it up- to welcome in the one and only, Queen B.


While she’s usually in the news, this month’s been special for B, as, well…..she’s really been in the news.

*side note: Beyoncé & her husband Jay-Z ( you may have heard of him, heh) are infamously obsessed with the number 4, going as far to name their child ‘Ivy’, which means IV, which means 4, so the fact that all of this is happening in April, the 4th month is just ~so~ Bey.*

Let’s talk about why, shall we?

Ivy Park


Ivy Park is a new active wear line from the Queen herself ( as if she didn’t already have enough going on, had to add ‘athleisure’ to the list), and is sold at Nordstrom. The line debuted this month, and is already under fire for not going past size 14. The items are pretty basic, most of its emblazoned with Ivy Park somewhere across the body, but the fabrics and materials look cool, so we’ll see what happens. Anything Bey touches turns to gold, so I’m sure this will be no exception. The best item, in my humble opinion, is this sick, cobalt blue crop, below.

IVY PARK® Seamless Crop Top

Formation music video + Formation tour

(2nd video in playlist)
‘Formation’ was dropped right around the Superbowl, and was more impressive than the Superbowl ( OHHHHHH! *burn*). No, but for realz, it was.  Beyoncé made the (impressive) video about ‘Black Lives Matter’, addressing the issue with coyly shot video. And, the song’s fire. Shortly after its release on Tidal, and then YouTube, Bey announced another world tour, by the same name, and it’s selling out fast.

(I saw Mr. & Mrs. Carter on their world tour two summers ago and it remains better than any day I’ve lived thus far.)


Ok, this is the most mysterious of all  Beyoncé’s latest antics.  She released the below trailer a few weeks ago with no further explanation, beyond what’s mentioned in the trailer. Is a documentary? Is it a trailer for a new movie? Is she getting into delicious, citrus-y and refreshing beverages?! The world, and I (and you), will not know, until this Sunday, at 9pm, on HBO.

Maybe time to sign up for that free HBO GO trial….

What’s intriguing you now?


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