Monday Motivation: You’ve Got to Really Want It

‘You’ve got to be willing to give up what you’ve got in order to get what you want.’

As I’ve watched my friends move on from jobs, careers, boyfriends, girlfriends, and place they’ve grown out of, I’ve often wondered what’s next for me. When I lived in Vermont, I saw dozens of college friends make the trek out west, to California or Colorado, or abroad, teaching english or just traveling.

They made it look so easy.

I know it took hard work; I’ve been there, remember? I’ve given up jobs, relationships, clothes, and homes to be abroad, or move to New York from Vermont.

Recently, friends and I have been working on a healthier way of eating. Monday through Friday, I won’t crave chocolate or a sweet, I’ll make a smoothie daily for breakfast, have a salad for lunch, and eat something home cooked for dinner, whether its soup and a (gluten free) sandwich, (gluten free) pasta and meatballs, or avocado toast, my go-to.

Then, Friday happens.

Every week, it’s pretty much the same. I want to go out. I want to see friends (like the one who inspired this post!) I crave the socialization happy hour brings, and dread making time for the gym over the weekend. I just want to see my friends, and do and eat whatever I want.

Sadly, Monday mornings are rougher as a result.


Tisn’t me, though, to not observe the pattern, and put a halt on it if I’m not happy.

For example, I don’t like to drink a lot on the weekends, like I used to when I was younger. However, I drink often, and have a beer or two on various nights when I go out with friends during the week. This needs to stop, as I’ve noticed how many extra calories sneak in so quickly when you’re consuming 10 beers a week ( just not all at once!)

And working out, while I see myself working out at the gym, lifting weights, doing cardio, at times, I feel like I could be maxing my heart rate, going the longer distance, but find myself bored instead.

It’s all about balance.

By Friday, I feel healthy and light, and then want to retain the feeling throughout the weekend, but I know I can’t if I don’t prioritize what that means to me, giving up beer, cakes or donuts? Maybe eating a little less on Friday night but going to the beach on Saturday and doing some runs in the sand?

Anyone that’s succeeded in anything, whether its cultivating a healthier lifestyle or giving up a bad habit, can tell you: it’s all a trade-off. Keep focused on the reasons you’ve started in the first place, rather than feeling unfulfilled when you don’t reach a milestone right away, and don’t give up. In case you do, start fresh, and be happy- you’re trying. So many people aren’t.

What are you willing to give up in order to achieve your goals?



10 thoughts on “Monday Motivation: You’ve Got to Really Want It

  1. Awesome post! So many people get tripped up on the weekends (my wife and I can at times, too). We have just buckled down on moderation. If we want to have a drink, it’s only a drink or two (usually once or twice a week, if that). If we want to have a dessert, we share it. It’s all about reminding yourself about which you want more: that extra beer or to get back into the shape you desire. Good luck on your journey!

    1. Thanks for the words of encouragement; yes, it’s easier to keep focused when you know what outcome you want. Thanks for stopping by, best of luck on your journey to you and your wife, and can’t wait to check out your site.

  2. Great post Amanda! It’s easy to get lost in feeling good for the moment and forgetting about the long-term goal. But, you have to enjoy your life too. It’s all about balance.

    1. I agree. Thanks, Aunt Arlene. We all get stuck in a plateau of not changing. When we realize the fact that we feel better about ourselves and healthier when we do or give up something challenging to us, it’s worth it long term.

  3. I think it’s all about moderation honestly. Flexible dieting allows for some beers or sweets as long as they fit into your macronutrients. Beer does tend to sneak in a decent amount. Whatever makes you feel the best is the optimal way to eat and many people find they can insert some “non healthy” foods now and then and be fine. Some people can’t. All a personal choice and about optimizing how you feel. Good luck with everything!

    1. I’ve tried flexible dieting, and I liked it best of all, but I need to educate myself more on it before starting again. Yes, when you like beers, the carbs fill up fast, and I found it hard to meet my daily protein requirements, but I felt more energized and saw that I was allowed a lot more nutrients and calories than I was on a traditional calorie-restricted diet.
      thanks for stopping by!

      1. I love beer so I’m right there with you lol Too many people are extremely uneducated on flexible dieting and take it to mean they can east cheeseburgers and milkshakes all the time which is totally not the case. If only lol

    1. You’re right- thanks for setting a good example, mom! Starting to focus on adding in more workouts here and there ( like helping you in the vegetable garden!) and also relaxing about being too hard on myself, while maintaining the discipline I have during the week on the weekend. love you.xo

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