How to Let Go & Trust

You’re living in a world you’ve created, did you know that?

Take the time to think about this. Everything in your life, you’ve welcomed in, in one facet or another. If you believe you didn’t think about: did you choose your partner, your job, the car you drive, the place where you live, the money you save, your hairstyle? Is any of this displeasing to you?

It can drive us nuts not to have control over some things, like what others are doing or how healthy our children will turn out. When we manifest so much in our everyday lives, it’s difficult to let go, and Let God.

We’re not doing ourselves any favors, in case you were wondering, by obsessing. Obsessing on how to get someone to text us nightly in a new relationship, or how to get an old friend to text you back at all. It’s uncontrollable, sometimes, a baby’s eyesight at birth, or the baggage that’s just too heavy to carry into a new relationship.

We have to learn to let that sh*t go. The all of it.

I can’t control what you’ll send me as an emoticon for the morning, or how it’s going to be when you hold my hand for that first time. I can, however, pick the song I listen to in the car on the way to work, or choose what I’ll eat for dinner tomorrow night.

It’s all a matter of perspective.

And, what you’re giving up by doing this, this letting go, is the need to feed your ego all the answers. Our hearts trust God and the Universe. Our hearts love us, no matter what, and know that anyone who doesn’t is totally a douchebag ( or just not right for us). Our hearts call out to our soul tribe, and attract those like members to us.

It’s our brains and egos that need to control. Seriously, think it over- when was the last time your heart worried about finding parking spot outside of your office building? In fact, that’s a key exercise in manifestation; to visualize yourself finding a parking spot and gliding right into it. The key to this scenario, of course, is to let go, and trust the process.


So that’s what I’m going to do today. I’m learning a lot about myself, lately. Like, not to set the bar too high to early on in a relationship, to have zero expectations from the gate when meeting someone new, but to let God, and the world, surprise you, or maybe another human.

Sometimes letting go means letting someone new, in.


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