Monday Motivation: Do What You’re Good At

It’s an old adage; do what you love, and the money will follow.

I’m a big believer in the right thing at the right time. I also feel that when you’re gifted with a talent from God or the Universe or your mom or dad or Halle Berry or whomever you praise as your deity, it’s in your moral obligation to use it.

For example, I love to sing, and I am an okay singer. I have used this talent in Miss Vermont America, as well in my high school musical ( no pun intended) career, singing before basketball games and the like. I’m also a mean karaoke artist. However, if my singing provides a relief or source of joy when someone listens to me, then I’ve done my job. Despite the fact that I listen to music everyday, I do not perform as often.

However, when I do, I feel alive, invigorated, free, and so on.

I think we need to do things we’re good at, even when they’re not always the most exciting thing for us to do at that moment. Because, when everyone watches you or works with you in your ‘zone of genius’, or in doing that which you are naturally gifted at, you become better than you are, your confidence boosts, and you feel light.


Being open to what you’ve already been gifted with, even if at times you’ve exhausted the power within you to keep trying at it, can be good. Being honest with yourself about your many gifts and talents and how you can use them to serve the world can only add, not take away, from your life’s legacy on this earth.

Can you care about your gifts a little more this month?




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