a brief hiatus, my apologies.

There isn’t a good reason, in case you’re wondering, why I haven’t written in over a week.

Sometimes, I think, we are in need of a break. From writing, or friendships, or relationships, to help with our own vitality.

Me, it felt like I was stewing in something this week, and it seemed like anything was possible.

I applied for a job for a company I admire whose involved in a sport I participate in. I tried nothing but my best this week, logging long miles outside running, enduring a hard prostration practice in my yoga class, and working extra shifts at different jobs to cover my time spent in California next week.

I’m happy with myself, these days.

It’s difficult to describe, trying to type it out as I wonder in my head what I’m trying to say. The funny thing about being alive and coming undone is you almost don’t realize how far you’ve come until you’ve shed your old skin and are growing the new. For me, it happened gradually, like a poem begging to be written, one stanza at a time.

I took a shower the other day and noticed how my body’s developed. My legs are structured with tightly wound muscles, from lacing up my sneakers all those miles, my belly flat from hours of planking, and my triceps stiff from my yoga teaching. My face is clear, my eyes are blue, and I know what I want.

These days, I put pen to paper to write memos. Less than I used to, I keep a journal. More than I have to, I read. I enjoy it. Like the paper in the morning, I find solitude in my breakfast of champions and my stories. I come to you, blogland, to pursue the unknown end, the tales of woe and happiness I read and share, and hope to blend the colors of my life together in a tangible setting.

I mean, we’re all in this together.

It feels like something new is happening. God’s opening a door, or maybe a window. I don’t know yet. I’m finding out.

As we’re in this together, I’ll leave you to write your own comments below.


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