Travel Tuesday: Dublin, Ireland


Uncle Ozzie the Helicopter pilot, and me, his passenger, flying over Co.  Longford, Ireland

I’ll share my experiences with you every Tuesday; I love, love, love to travel, and sometimes, I forget about the number of places I have been, even before my 26th birthday.

Sometimes, I can’t believe the places I have NOT been. But, I digress, and onward, we hope towards future travel plans.

Trinity. 16, a girl spends a summer with her grandparents in Longford, going to Dublin, city of dreams. It was splendid; there were new places to explore, Trinity Bar and an unexpected encounter with an Australian bachelor party, and numerous occasions of ending up at the Chipper (Ireland’s late night french fries destination, spectacular.) at 4am.


Bray, a train ride up the coast from Dublin, Ireland

Then, it was time to move on, go to college, find myself, yada, yada. I chose Champlain College, partially for its study abroad program in Dublin, which I participated in my senior year. As my dad is Irish, I will publish later posts of the various parts of Ireland I’ve explored through the years, but for now, Dublin.


Dublin’s notables: Trinity Bar, center of all things nightlife; the chipper, as mentioned above; Dublin Castle, the James Joyce tour, St. Stephen’s Green, and Copper Face Jack’s (or Slapper Face Jack’s, as the locals christened it, sorry, Jack.)


my view everyday walking to school

There wasn’t anything better to me than taking the bus to visit my grandparent’s farm almost every weekend while studying abroad. It was such a nice thing, to have the comforts of home while living in a foreign place. Although it was often rainy and cloudy, trips to the coast, Belfast, Longford, Galway, Tyrone, Bath, London, and Italy kept me moving enough to stay warm.

Dublin’s a center of nightlife, friendly people, and a small-enough city to navigate around after a few weeks of on-foot travel. My 9 total months spent in Ireland were an epic experience, and one I’ll never forget-despite some weight gain ( damn, you, chipper!) and mild depression, due to Ireland’s climate.

Fun fact: many of my classmates from this study abroad experience are doing amazing things. For example, my friend Jerica’s started a successful events company, based in Burlington, Vermont. Another friend, Dave, started his own not-for-profit in Nepal, and lives there full time, where he works on energy solutions. My friends Alena and Fallon recently graduated with a Master’s in Psychology and a Master’s in Criminal Psychology and are based in Rhode Island and D.C. doing powerful work, respectively. Finally, my housemate from across the hall, Sarah, published a book on the plight that heroin users face in the state of Vermont and the seriousness of the epidemic in her home state. You can buy the book here.

Feel free to comment below and share the next place you’re planning to visit!


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