Fitness Friday: Life’s a Box of Chocolates

When you’re working as a yoga instructor, there are certain unspoken agreements between your client and yourself. If you’re not sure what I mean, then creep on most Instragram profiles of yoga instructors.





(I’ve done all of these things, FYI, which came first, the yoga instructor or the Omega 360 juicer? In my case, it was the juicer….)

This isn’t always the case, but honestly, it comes up a lot. At my other job, my boss said, “You’re a yoga instructor, I thought you were supposed to be an example for the rest of us!” This is not true.

I’m supposed to be a human, because I am one. And all this pressure we put on ourselves to fit into these jeans, or become this size, or have these thighs isn’t helping anyone. Especially the yoga instructors, who also have the added pressure of living up to their students’ expectations. ( Not that my students make me feel this way, I am tough on myself!).








I used to be healthy….

This week was Valentine’s Day, much candy was consumed. I’d also like to report that it was President’s Day week in a small ski town, where hundreds of city tourists flock to the Greater Catskills to spend the week with their children on the slopes.

Multiple 14 hour shifts ensued, to the delight of my bank account and the demise of my gym routine.


Come on, sunny running days….

Because I’m single, I took it upon myself to have more than one Valentine. I enjoyed a date with marshmallow covered chocolates, Hershey’s kisses and sour patch hearts. It’s my first day back in the gym today, and then, I’m going to San Diego and Los Angeles in a few short weeks. It’s up to me to reign back in my fitness routine, but it’s hard.


As long as I know there’s a sunny light at the end of the tunnel, in a bikini, drinking margaritas with my two best friends, one from college and one from high school, I know it’s going to be ok.



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