Intriguing Things: Volume 6

Here’s my roundup of what’s intriguing me now.

Zen Doodles

I’m soothed by these drawings, which you draw shapes within shapes and color them in with other shapes, squiggles, shading or whatever comes to mind. The mindfulness of this exercise allows you to be fully enveloped in the moment, which we could all use.

Spotify’s ‘Discover Weekly’

I am a hard-core Spotify fan and this is another reason why; they’ve created a playlist called ‘Discover Weekly’ which selects new music for you to hear every week, based on music you’ve already liked. I’ve listened to this playlist religiously on Mondays, driving around in my Jeep, and have found a lot of new workout and yoga music from it. Check it out, guys!


This isn’t me- yet. I’ve been working on my inversions for my New Year’s Yoga Goals, to be able to do headstand, handstand and a forearm balance. I’ve come a long way, and in fact, have routinely been teaching these difficult postures in my classes.

What’s on your mind these days, kids?




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