Travel Tuesdays: Dubai, United Arab Emirates



Traveling is the last thing I’d give up for a New Year’s Resolution. This year has started off strong, with anticipated trips to California, Florida to see my grandparents, and possible Bali or Australia in the spring.

Dubai, I’ve heard, was built on slave labor, has nothing of substance, isn’t a place to take kids, so on and so forth. What I found when I was there was a stark contrast to the Egyptian pyramids I had just seen, and a city that had worked just as hard to create something of legacy.

My cousin took me to the World’s Largest Mall and we lost the car underneath it, sweating and wandering around for over an hour, screaming at every white sedan we saw, vowing to never do this again, only to visit the World’s Second Largest Mall, and do it again.


Catching the Fountain Show at the Dubai Mall while enjoying London Dairy Ice cream and laughing at every little thing with my fabulous English-teaching, debacle-causing, hell-raising Irish cousin, was enough to make me fall in love with Dubai for life. Also, Matthew’s a nut job, much appreciated.

I also had a pharmacist from the World Congress of the World Federation of Mental Health pick me up in Dubai to show me his home of Abu Dhabi for the day, and we relaxed on the beach all day, where we met a soap star who was practicing her lines. We hung out with her, then enjoyed some of the best Arabic food I’ve ever had. Egyptian food is slowly becoming my favorite cuisine.

Dubai’s amazing in that literally the entire world has a foothold here, and you’re able to find any shop, any cuisine, and anything, really, that you’d ever desire. It’s the Las Vegas of the rest of the world!



Notables in Dubai include: an indoor ski arena and aquarium inside the mall, the Mall of the Emirates, Dubai Mall, the world’s largest mall, the beautiful beaches, rooftop pools on every building in the city, the all-day brunch with unlimited food and drink, the amazing shopping, and the most insane party I’ve ever been to at Jebediah Beach at the Barasti Beach Bar.


A beautiful back story to this, when Dave Chappelle was in Burlington, Vermont a few weeks prior to me traveling to Egypt, I am on their tour bus after the show ends, and chatting with Mo Amer, comedian. I mention I may be in Dubai, and he recommends I come to see their show at the Dubai Comedy Festival. To be honest, I was too tired to make it out to their show, but I did catch up with Mo afterwards at Jebediah Beach, where the views and parties were crazy.




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