Fitness Friday: Hypothyroidism’s a Bitch

This is my weekly Fitness Friday post. This week, I’m exploring the fact that while I have been training hard for my full marathon, teaching multiple yoga classes, doing Weight Watchers consistently, I haven’t lost any weight.

“How awesome”, I think sarcastically, looking between my feet at a number that doesn’t budge. Don’t get me wrong- I am an attractive woman, piecing together other bits of my life outside the scale, but I definitely hate the fact that my thyroid gland would do this to me.

What do I mean?IMG_2044.JPG

you are, remember that.

Well, I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism last fall, which means that as a yoga instructing, snowboarding, rock climbing, weight lifting, marathon running, kale eating woman, I struggle to lose weight as easily as some others. In fact, I was once someone exactly like that, who could focus on a weight loss goal of 10, 20, even 30 pounds and astound all my friends by the time summer ended with my svelte body.

No more.

I remember when I realized something was a miss; I was preparing myself for Miss Vermont America 2014, and working out with a personal trainer twice a week, along with getting up at 6:30 to work out from 7-8am everyday. There was no use in telling me I wouldn’t lose weight; how could I not? My trainer even recommended the ‘S’ diet, which I did for a few weeks- smoothies, salads, and soups, which even she turned to in the hardest of times to lose weight in a pinch.

Three months later, I was walking across the Miss Vermont America stage in a bikini, and was close to 150 lbs, much higher than I had anticipated.


2014, Miss Vermont America, 148lbs.

Why me?!?! I know people get diagnosed with worse things everyday, and I’m sorry if that’s what you’re thinking as you read this,Β  but it’s effect on my life has been aggravating, alongside with the other effects, like thinning hair and eyebrows, mood swings, extreme tiredness, etc.

(However, I did look damn good in that bikini, and worked oh-so-hard to get there.)

I started taking medicine in October, but the dosage was so slight (25mg), it was almost like a placebo. Natural remedies, like my Happy Light, fresh juice, the gym, and yes, salads, seem to make my body energized the natural way. I’m looking a lot more fit and toned, thanks to my gym routines, even if my weight remains the same.

Being honest with myself about how what I’m eating affects my mood, weight, and personality has been one of the hardest things to confront on this journey, but I know it’s possible to feel good and settled into myself. It’s been a long road, but one with an end in sight.


remember, your body’s capable of a lot more than the number on the scale.

Even though having this illness makes me aware of what goes into my body and lets me hold onto weight a bit longer than I would like, I am thankful for the diagnosis, as I know how much my body’s health means to me, and take strides daily to improve it. What’s the importance of a number on a scale when I can scale a mountain, snowboard for hours, or run 13.1 miles in one sitting?

Thanks for reading, please share your own weight loss struggles and journeys below!





4 thoughts on “Fitness Friday: Hypothyroidism’s a Bitch

  1. I don’t have thyroid problems as far as I know, but I can relate to your symptoms. I am a compulsive overeater so that’s probably to blame for my weight gain though. I totally understand what we eat has an impact on our moods. So wish I could put that knowledge into practice though. I am glad natural remedies help you with your energy levels.

    1. I tend to not give up when it comes to eating some of my favorite foods; I have definitely been there! I loved reading your blog post about blindness and body image, too. So inspiring to know that no matter where we are, we all struggle with many of the same things.

  2. Hi Amanda! I also have hypothyroidism and am highly active. The doesnt budge for me despite lots of healthy food and exercise. After nearly 10 years of stable levels and meds, I plateaued, feeling like “could/should” be able to get to that place I think I can be. I went to a few docs, who sent me to other docs, who told me that I looked fine ( despite not feeling or sleeping fine), that I was a 30ish woman ( so I should accept standard as OK for me) and that my hormone levels look fine on paper (so the problem must be with my perspective). My body both impresses and humbles me all the time. While I can accept the numbers on the scale, I refuse to accept not feeling well with all if the healthy things I already do. Sometimes it just seems like, why me?, as if I am being punished for many healthy choices. Perhaps it’s a lesson in gratitude for what I can accomplish, or in priority if goals, or even attachment to outcomes I set out. Or maybe I just have hormones as stubborn as me!
    Well wishes on your journey. I do know fid sure that choosing health can’t be the wrong thing to do. (And rock on for your lovely self participating in miss vt! Wahoo!)

    1. Jess, what a beautiful and inspiring thing to read from a fellow hypothyroidism ‘ sufferer!’ I’m so happy you’re doing well with your illness, and working to see the positive in every situation. I feel the same as you a lot; why am I being punished for the choices I make that other people would see such positive results in their physical appearance , yet I don’t? Like you’re saying- keeping focused on the positive is how I’m living my days! Lots of luck to you and please keep connecting with me !

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