Monday Motivation: Choose Your Suffering

‘Choose Your Suffering.’

This phrase was uttered in my yoga class recently, by a fellow Pure Mountain Yoga teacher, Vicky. She used it to demonstrate that whatever it is we are working towards, we suffer to get there. An example, I am working towards a half marathon. I ran 7 miles last Monday. This Monday, I can’t stop, and I will keep going. I am choosing to suffer the legs of that race to get to the finish line.

We choose to suffer through work, relationships and school everyday. While our parents may not be perfect, we do need to suffer at times, in the role of parent and spawn, towards a good foundation in our relationship.

Things I’ve suffered through: a bachelor’s degree, a 30 day Bikram yoga challenge my Sophomore year of college, too many bad dates with guys who didn’t have time for me in a period of low self-esteem, 2 half marathons, many trips to Africa and beyond, yoga teacher training, saving towards a Jeep Wrangler, 2 Miss Vermont competitions, moving back home, and now, working towards my master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling.

We all interrupt our daily joy with daily suffering, but some of us do not realize it. The relationship which has become like a thorn in your side but you’re too afraid to give up? It might be time to move on. What about your perfect size 10 body that you’re struggling to size down to a 2? Let it go.’m a true Taurus. I’m loyal to a fault. If someone were to come into my life right now who was worth suffering for, I would make that happen. Same goes for the time when I have children. I see everything my mom still does for us to this day, and know she’d do anything for the two of us. I know this isn’t how mothers always feel, and I am fortunate. However, I do acknowledge with excitement the day when I myself am a mother and can defend my child to the world. I will chose to suffer, watching him or her go to school, to a world where there are bullies and heartaches waiting behind every door, but I will do it because the suffering is worth it to experience the joy it brings.




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