Fitness Friday: Plateaus & Whatnot

Happy Friday, ya’ll!

I’ll take this time to say, thank you so much for your comments and for coming to my blog. I hope you know that when I started this over three years ago, I didn’t know what to expect, and now I have over 700 followers! I appreciate and love each and every one of your comments, likes, follows, and so on, from a woman who loves to write.

I also love to eat. IMG_0090

This is an issue for me, has followed me my whole life. I’m not good at saying no to myself. I find that the longer I resist the temptation to buy, eat, or read something, the harder it gets for me to be ‘good’. Whenever I am starting a new weight loss, diet, or fitness journey ( ‘lifestyle change’ for all you #Fitspirational people out there….), I have to really give in to temptation now and again, or I will be flat on my face after a week.

I told you about my infatuation with exploring different kinds of beer, which is an interesting sort of situation, because I will continue to lose weight, at a slower pace, unless I give it up all together, in which case I shall cry.

No, I won’t cry, but I shall be slightly aggravated.


beer drinkin’

We can’t control all our body does. Our breathing, coughing, burping, and so on cannot always be controlled to the degree in which we want it to be. Same goes for weight loss. You’re lucky if you lose 1-2 lbs a week- not 5-10lbs, that’s irregular and not safe. I experience the grip of plateaus from time to time, which frustrate me to no end.

I know the real reason for the stalled weight loss or progress with building muscle or increasing my race time isn’t that I am lazy, no. It’s that I need to be more careful. Careful about tracking everything I’m eating if I start skimping on measuring correctly or shirting around my diet, careful about not getting stuck in a place of monotony with my gym routine and shaking it up, or working out different muscle groups, and trying new protein, foods, and so on.


find a buddy who keeps you accountable.

If you’re experiencing some sort of plateau, find out what’s driving you, and reinvigorate yourself. Freedom from old habits and old routines can help stall a person in distress. Honor thyself, good things are coming! And, so you know, you’re looking great already.

Forever in debt to you, dear readers.



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