Intriguing Things: Volume X

Will Smith’s Motivational Speeches

I have a serious fascination with Will Smith. First of all, the fact that his relationship with a woman as elegant and classy as Jada has lasted from his Fresh Prince days until now blows my mind. Secondly, his kids are totally out there, in a weird yet highly entertaining way. And, finally, my man throws some great lines which could motivate even the laziest of couch potatoes to achieve greatness.

Aerial Yoga


My best friend Caitlin and I are two peas in a pod. We’re adventurous, spontaneous, and like whiskey. She’s an RN, so whenever our days off sync up, I love to drive to her city of Albany and engage in fun activities with her, such as drinking beer and eating burgers, but sometimes we exercise. Twice now, I have been extremely sore after doing Aerial Yoga, an awesome yoga experience in which you’re hanging from a swing throughout class. Expect a ton of inversions, many positive and uplifting people, and feeling like a kid again.


Yoga Joes

These were on display in the yoga studio I visited in Albany and I absolutely love them! They’re $28, and already sitting in my shopping cart on Amazon. I dug into the background of these little figurines, and they’re a former Kickstarter campaign to break the stereotype that the men that do yoga aren’t tough, or only girls do yoga. A lot of it comes from the fact that the US Armed Forces put into place meditation and yoga into many rehabilitation programs for PTSD as it’s shown to combat the symptoms. The founders hope was that by putting away the stereotype that only women do yoga, or hipster men, more veterans would find a source of comfort in their yoga practice and help treat PTSD. Pretty cool, huh? Because of this, I love these tiny guys even more.

What’s intriguing you lately?


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