Fitness Friday: A Microbrew Lovers Dilemna

Friday, ya’ll, it’s that time of the week which office lovers and school go-ers look forward to all week, an evening of freedom and two days of being unchained.


throwback to summer’s beer festivals

I, for one, am enjoying the progression from “living for the weekend”, which I did in my former life as an office rat, to “living”. I teach yoga during the week, snowboard on a random Wednesday, and enjoy the fact that I work 3 12 hour days instead of 5, long, monotonous ones.

That being said, with more freedom comes more decisions. Do I go to Albany mid-week and enjoy a night out, dinner and drinks with my girlfriend, then aerial yoga in the morning? But of course! What if I went downstate for a few days, checked out the scene in New Paltz? Actually, I’d love to!

In this world of IPAs, sour ales, lagers, and stouts, I’ll have one of each, a night at a time. Since discovering my love for all things home-brew and craft-brew, I’m back on a semi-nightly rotation of my favorites. Indulging in Ommegang Hennepin Saison on a Tuesday, looking forward to an Oatmeal Stout on the weekend, and a Guinness on a Friday.

I think through my choices with the pleasure of a librarian selecting what book to read next. But, like most things, it’s coming at a price: my waistline.


Despite being an avid gym-goer, marathon runner, snowboarder and yoga instructor, and working out 4-6 days a week, I still have to watch what I eat. Life’s not fair. But, because I also love craft beer, I doubly have to pay attention. Like, what’s worth it, the ‘best’ hot wings in New York, or a second Delerium Tremens? (Spoiler alert: it ain’t the wings)

Looking back on times in my life when I was in a superior state of fitness than I am now, I’ll admit; I wasn’t drinking beer. I was getting up at 6am, working out until 8am, and avoiding happy hours. Now, I’m back on the Fitness Train, and heading to California in a few months. I know I love microbrews and all the scene around them, but I love me, more.

And so, dear readers, if it comes down to you, or a microbrew, choose you. You’ll thank me later.

I’m off to the gym.

Photo on 2-4-13 at 6.21 PM


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