What I’m Reading: Calling in the One

I love this workbook my former therapist recommended to me. Before you think I’m a total loser, let me give you some background. Two weeks and change until Valentine’s Day 2016, can ya’ll feel it?!

I went to a holistic mental health counselor in Burlington, Vermont for two years. After much crying, moaning, complaining and bitching about the dire state of single men in the country, my therapist (rightly) recommended that I try to seek the barriers to love within myself and remove them, rather than waiting for my dream man to come along and make me happy.

*record scratches* whaaaaaat?!

A revolution if I’ve ever heard it. I wouldn’t think that anyone should be ashamed about reading a book that allows them to be detached from old relationships, look at themselves and their habits/patterns from above and try to fix them, and makes them take a step back and see what they’re really searching for from life, but I was kind of hesitant to post this.

I’ve been reading a chapter and doing the exercise that follows it for about 6 weeks now, and have about 2/3 of the book left. It’s very trans-formative, though, and seeing how I’ve gotten way into self-care and self-happiness since I’ve a) moved home and b) started this book, I’d say my  therapist made a great choice!

Love this book- order it for yourself, and see the things that can be cleared out, just in time for Valentine’s Day 😉




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