Intriguing Things: Volume IV

This is my current round-up of what’s intriguing me now.


I love this Showtime original series, about a drunken, alcoholic father and his six incredibly self-sufficient children. My younger sister just wrote about the merits of this show on her blog, and I still have to finish season 1. This is another reason I am single, probably- I’ll more likely than not be watching Shameless multiple nights this week!


God is sending me to California, for my first trip of 2016. I had a ticket purchased to visit Jenelle, my assistant to Fashion directors, working on movie sets, commercials, and generally cooler than me best friend, and had to cancel because I started a new job. However, my other best friend, Jeanna, called today to invite me to San Diego, where she’s doing some training for her job in March. Tentative dates: March 17-28. California boys, watch out.

Which leads me to my next thing….

Weight Watchers

If the O can do it, why can’t I?

Oh, gawd, here we go again. I’ll tell you a semi-short backstory; my mom and I did Weight Watchers together about 6 years ago, which helped me kick that Freshman 15 to the curb. I restarted it sophomore year, but I wouldn’t commit. Now, I’m hoping that the 3 month special they’re offering after the Holidays will be the final feather in my cap needed to usher in my 26th year as a newly toned woman, and keep me lounging on beaches in California looking fly instead of flab. Stay tuned for my Fitness Friday posts, and follow along my journey, and share your own.

What’s intriguing you lately?



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