Fitness Friday: The Struggle

‘The Struggle is real.’

Chances are, you’ve uttered this phrase yourself if you’ve ever struggled stepping into your skinny jeans. This is me right now, a slow, steady, pace of weight loss, and not enough denim to cover the booty.

I’ve always been an active girl. I played year-round sports and ran and boxed in the summers growing up, and I’ve never really been ‘heavy’, thank God, but I have been at my heaviest, and lost it all. Then, graduating from college added about 15 pounds to my then-svelte frame, and three years later, it’s still here.

aforementioned formerly svelte frame, three months after graduating college


Well, not the 15, more like 20, now.

Don’t get me wrong- I love my body. I look good. Men ask me out, and they sometimes succeed. I’m exhausted, and I feel like I need a nap to make it throughout my day. I have some food sensitivities, which I have been ignoring, to things like brewer’s yeast (beer, I love you), wheat ( yum, bread), and dairy (all the cheese! why!), and whenever I do cut these things out of my diet, I feel a surge of energy.

Plus, I usually lose weight.


I’ve been trying to get back into it- working out at the gym 2 or so times a week, teaching yoga 2-3x a week, and going to some classes on my own. I make sure to wear my fitbit everyday and make 10,000 steps my goal, always. I usually try to steer clear of enormously bready or cheesy dishes, but have definitely not been indulging in healthy salads or fruits as often as I should be.

What’s going on for you this New Year, do you have health-related goals? I signed up for a full marathon in May, to keep my running buddy Daisy ( my dog) in check, as well as motivate my dietary needs to change around my training plan. I have to start today, today is the day for me as I need to maintain my energy to work such long hours.

My mom‘s inspiring to me, as well, as she’s been successful with losing weight with Weight Watchers. I’m trying to maintain my happy place and not put a number on my loss, but how I feel, which, ideally, would be energetic, healthy, happy, light, etc.

my running buddy is sad I sit on the couch so much….


So, who’s with me? Please, let’s get this going today, together!


6 thoughts on “Fitness Friday: The Struggle

  1. I love that you post to keep yourself accountable, I may have to try it! It’s so easy to start dieting tomorrow… and the couch is just so comfortable! As an exercise physiology graduate, I feel as though being stagnant and unmotivated in my personal fitness rips my diploma at the edges a little bit more every day hah. Thanks for the read 🙂

    1. of course- and we can keep each other motivated, too! it’s too easy to get down on yourself instead of loving yourself for the small steps you are taking ( more water, less snacking, more steps, etc), thanks for reaching out! 😀 xo

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