Travel Tuesday: Buenos Aires, Argentina

I have been traveling since I was 8 years of age, since I went to Ireland for the first time with my family. In that time span, 17 years, I have visited over 15 countries and four continents, some of which were very hard to reach. I decided I travel enough that I can have a post once a week about where I have been, or maybe why you should go there. If you’re thinking about traveling, or would like to try learning about a new place, here you go.

me, packing.


In 2013, I visited Buenos Aires, Argentina for a 10 day trip to support the World Federation of Mental Health Congress there. In the city, I found delightful food, interesting human interaction, incredible beef and wine, and an illustrious passionate way of living that I tend to reflect upon and sigh with content. It’s a good way of life.


the President was a woman at the time of my visit, but the house was always pink.IMG_5251


I met Juan Pablo Garcia from working in a restaurant in Hunter, NY. He’s Argentinian and when I was traveling to Buenos Aires, his hometown, I knew I would see him. Luckily for me, his brother is a professional cyclist and was in Hawaii at the time of my visit, so I had the chance to stay in a lovely suburb of BA with Juan, my personal tour guide, during my visit.

my good friend Juan Pablo and I, on board an old ship


my lover*, Mauricio and I, with the guards at the President’s house (*he is gay)



el Obelisco de Buenos Aires, in the heart of the financial hub



his gorgeously dressed candy seller in the streets in Palermo, a hip arts district where I stayedIMG_5278

The neighborhood of ‘La Boca’ was interestingly artful, and had so much fresh fruit and fish to offer up.


By the third day in BA, I was riding the bus alone, walking around the Financial District for hours, enjoying the salsa and tango music in the streets ( and bursts of dancing too!), and reveling in the beautiful art in Palermo.



El Mueso de la Malba still remains the best museum I have ever visited. The amazing thing for me when I walked in was the stark contrast of cool, modern, white walls, and the highly interactive art displays set up around the building.


Frida Kahlo is an amazingly beautiful and courageous artist. Someone said to me once, ” I felt her energy radiating off the art.” I think this is accurate, because when I stood in the room with all of her beautiful artwork around me, it was like time stood still for me to meet her. I loved it.

Muu Lecheria, the hippest soda and burger joint in Buenos Aires

Patagonia, Mendoza ( the wine country), and Uruguay, not to mention more time in Buenos Aires, are all on my ‘someday’ list for when I return to this amazingly hospitable country.



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