Intriguing Things: Volume III

Each week, I partake in explaining to you, my dear readers, why certain things are tickling my fancy.

This week will be no different.

Charles Bukowski, The Last Night of the Earth Poems

“I was fairly poor
but most of my money went
for wine and
classical music.
I loved to mix the two
― Charles Bukowski

I bought this in a used bookstore in Burlington, Vermont. Charles Bukowski has a cult-like following among some of my friends, especially the ones in such a liberal and drug-friendly state as Vermont. Although it’s been a few years since I purchased it, I have yet to finish it in its entirety, more so relying on it when I have a moment or two, and seek quiet inspiration.


Lush Cosmetics

Dubai, the Mall of the Emirates. I’m wandering around like a crazy person, hoping to stumble into a CVS, or something similar, to purchase the shampoo and conditioner that I left behind in Istanbul. I try Lush, an English brand I remember from visiting my cousin Niall in Bath, where I had to stop and smell every thing in the store. The best shampoo and conditioner products I have ever used, Lush Rehab and Lush American Cream conditioner, were found in the UAE. Thanks to Santa for filling my stocking with Lush this year instead of my usual coal.

“Hummed Low,” Odessa

I love logging into my Spotify account for ‘Discover Weekly’, a playlist Spotify puts together every Monday of songs they believe you’d like, based on your prior listening habits. Last week, I was so lucky to find this gem, an Irish-sounding tune from Odessa, which is now my favorite song so far of 2016, which is saying a lot. I’ve inserted it into every text with friends, all my yoga playlists, and have driven around with no other intention other than to listen to its lulling melody.

What’s intriguing you lately?



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