Intriguing Things: Volume II

Donald Trump is in my college and post-grad town, Burlington, Vermont tonight.

This is monopolizing my Facebook timeline, Twitter account, and Instagram feeds. In the spirit of Bernie Sanders’ office being a mere 163 steps away, many of the folks who turned out tonight are not, in fact, supporters of the Donald.

Donald Trump’s Run for Presidency

Is this real life? I’m floored by how far this man has been able to pull off a ‘successful’ run for Presidency, based on ludicrous ideas about border patrol, not to mention the terrible hair. Dr, we have a problem.


Winter has finally arrived in the Northeast, and I for one am a happy girl. I went snowboarding for the first time this season at Hunter Mountain yesterday, and I thought I would die of happiness, it was that great. The snow, the bluebird day, the friends I met on the trail. My only issue was a lack of stomp pad, and an increasingly widening stance as I zoomed down the mountain. I bought a stomp pad, so hopefully, tomorrow will be a more successful day!

Modern Love

My New York Times paper subscription was short-lived; it was a life-long dream finally fulfilled after graduating from college, but since it didn’t make much sense with the advent of the internet age, and cost too much, I cancelled it. However, my favorite column, ‘Modern Love’, lives on. Published every Wednesday, it chronicle different readers’ accounts of how to survive in this more modern and advanced society, when it comes to love. Highly, highly recommend; seeing as I am a young, single girl, and this is my life’s story, the dating mishap stories never fail to amuse me.

There you have it! What’s intriguing you as of late?




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