Monday Motivation: For the New Year

Happy Monday, ya’ll!

The New Year has barely begun. Fine people are lacing up their running shoes, charging their minty fresh FitBits, and heading to the gym. People are leaving their addictions and bad relationships in the past. Chalk it up to new beginnings, but the emptiness of the gym on February 1st will be the real indicator of this year’s staying power, in the fitness department.


That being said, I’m one to set goals, whenever I’m starting a fresh year.

This year is no different. For example, my Facebook status today alludes to me signing up for my first full marathon, in Rhinebeck, New York. I’m applying for a master’s in mental health counseling, and I’ll save for a house. I’d like to travel to Bali and Australia this year. I’d love to see Osheaga’s lineup in the summer and work at the music festivals I love in the summer.


I’m excited to begin teaching yoga in Tannersville, a quiet mountain studio called Pure Mountain Yoga. I find relief in staying on Hunter Mountain for the next few chapters of my life’s book. This is home, such is life.

My mom’s blog‘s taking off like a shot, inspiring me to blog more on mine. Today’s the freshest start I’ll have, so there we begin.

What’s on your New Year’s Resolution list?


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