Everyday is a Winding Road: Getting Back on Track

There’s something about the holidays.

Everyone is anticipating the New Year, already full of doubts and false promises about the changes they’re going to commit to, once Santa’s left on his sleigh, and the gift wrapping’s in the garbage.

It’s too easy to keep coasting through your life. If you’re interested in how I know this, it’s because I recently quit coasting at a job I didn’t like for a year, and became accountable for the first time in a long time, taking inventory of what will make me (hopefully) happier.

Such is life, right?


Everyday, you have a choice to make. Try new things, or same old things. Begin a new chapter, or stay the same. Sometimes, we aren’t sure we need a change, until life hands us one on a silver platter.

This is sort of what happened to me. A few months ago, a friend, a wise and sparkling unicorn soul sister, said to me, “If you’re so unhappy, leave the job, and figure out a new one later.” I actually gasped in surprise, why would anyone ever leave something steady without having another something lined up?!

But, in the end, I was much happier, having done it this way, than staying.

Sometimes, life is funnier than we think it is. Getting out of a relationship, which has gone stale, can be just as exhausting as packing up a whole house and moving. And getting on the right track can be tough.


There are a few tips and tricks I have learned along the way to help me stay focused, on who I am and how I want my life to be, when things are moving so quickly, it feels like I’m in the midst of a hurricane.

1.Focus on your passions, and make these your priorities.
When I was starting out as a young scallywag in my first role at Dealer.com, I had no idea what work/life balance meant. I was constantly seeking out adventure, opportunity and advancement, making myself sick as a result. My best self, it seems, if you’re interested, is when I am slowly living. Passions are important. Don’t forget to cook if you’re excited about cooking, but you’re busy, you say. You’ll get it back in a few months, right now is just a busy time! No. This can’t happen. Stay on your grind. Like attracts like, stay passionate about what’s important to you, and more passionate, wild, and wonderful things will enter your life.

2.Be Adventurous, and Stay Optimistic.
It’s difficult going through a life change. The first 7 days of mine, all I wanted to do, well, all I actually did, was stay at home on the couch, reading blogs, and watching Jane the Virgin. I’m not proud of this, but the cut and dry of it is, we need time to meld to our new situation. Once we’re acclimated, it’s time to stay focused and positive about what’s to come. It’s not easy to put on the happy face, when you’re tired or depressed, or stay hopeful that the next best thing for you is right around the corner, but it is and you have to stay positive. Start a gratitude journal, stay productive, even with small tasks like making your bed or taking out the trash, and don’t sacrifice your hobbies for your sloth-ness.

3. It’s Okay to Be Sad, Mad, Or Angry.
Let the feelings you’re feeling release, through yoga, breathing, or plain old sitting still, but allow them to come up. You’ll feel worse, having stuffed down your feelings or drank them away, then you’re likely to know now. Be careful how you react to situations during this delicate time. Sometimes, what’s coming of your mouth aren’t your own heart-felt words, but a reaction to your situation, and you’d rather not say it all. Be healthy,  take care of your body, mind and soul. Exercise, eat well, and maintain that positive relationship with friends and family.

4. This too shall pass.
We all make mistakes, sometimes, those mistakes catch up with us. We’re all good people at heart, and you’re entitled to a few screw-ups now and again. Don’t let a bad thing, relationship, or job, change your outlook on life. Don’t give up heart because things didn’t work out the way you’d once planned. Sometimes, the best laid plans are often ones made out of fear or comfort, and actually, don’t have anything to do with our growth at all. If you’re lucky, you’re going to come into something more magnificent than you’d ever planned.

There you have it, a realistic and heart-felt view on how to have faith and stay on track during a significant life change.

What’s your best advice, for going through a challenging time?





One thought on “Everyday is a Winding Road: Getting Back on Track

  1. You’re so right – staying on track with your goals during a stressful life change is important. Get up, get out. Move. Eat well. What you put into your body is what you get out of your body. Nourish your body, nourish your soul. Know what brings you peace and tranquility and embrace it.

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