Hudson Jeans & Hudson Queens: New York

When I was in high school, my friend Ryan’s mom used to say,”The gays have really cleaned up Hudson!” There was nothing bigoted or wrong with the statement, if anything, this lovely woman was acknowledging the enormous and monumental changes brought to a once run-down area by masses of tourists from New York City.

Almost ten years later, Hudson’s looking pretty damn good.

vintage store with a sense of humour
Bodhi Spa & Yoga Studio


view down Warren Street


Hudson city hall

A plethora of art galleries, boutique shops, music stores and restaurants exist where there was once ugly housing, or nothing at all. Close to New York City by train, Hudson became a weekender’s dream town, after years of being in the dump.

Take a stroll down Warren Street, for most of the action. The scene is growing by the minute, as more New Yorkers snap up prime real estate in this quaint and charming town.


The Spotty Dog, a local book & bar, and a personal favorite


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