Stop Pretending You’re Not a Unicorn: You are a Unicorn

You are a glittery, sparkly Unicorn. Being honest about that starts the ball rolling for the rest of your life. Stop pretending you’re not a unicorn, because you’re surrounded by deer. Be the best version of your sparkly, mystical self every day!

People like to tell other people they can’t do or be something if they can’t do or be it themselves. Humans need comfort. They need food, they need stability, they crave love. If you’re anything outside of the box society has painted for you, you can be deemed an outcast, a gorilla, and you belong in IMG_0331.jpga zoo.


Just give it up already! God, who gets off on telling other people how to live their lives? Not I, kind sir, and not you. Go out there and tell the world your truly weirdest stories and I bet you’ll find someone who is weirder, or has done worse than you think you have done.

People often worry about themselves so much that they have no time left to worry about what you’re doing. This is comforting, for two reasons. 1, it allows you the space you need, without judgement, to try out something you may have been holding in, and 2) it humbles you.

Be as weird as you want. Go out of your comfort zone. Look around, everyone around you might be married, or having kids, and your crazy aunt keeps telling you stories about how funny and smart and hilarious the men in her day were compared to the men now. If you’re a man, be the gentleman when everyone else is catching Tinder game. Try out something new. Break from the norm. Make peace with your eccentricities, and welcome them home to stay.


If you’re the woman, be the only female in an all male boxing gym, an entrepreneur, a successful, single, traveler, or be whatever the hell you want to be.

It’s hard to change anything, believe me. I am a Taurus and change is hard for us. But it seems to me that living unhappily because you’re comfortable is a lot more dangerous to the soul long-term because you have never allowed your freak flag to fly! Give it a try; anything you’ve constantly considered, whether you’re a guy who wants to dress like a girl or a corporate woman who has always fantasized about being a homemaker, I am certain there is someone out there like you, and, someone who will support you through it.

Be a fucking unicorn. That’s all, and don’t be sorry!





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