How to Develop a Lust for Yoga

As I grow older, I develop a stronger like for my body, which has endured daily runs, boxing sessions, months of intensive hits from snowboarding falls, and many feelings. I’ve never been so proud of myself as I was when I finally finished the 200 hour yoga teacher certification from Burlington Yoga this May.IMG_0017

Don’t get me wrong, there are many great individuals who have developed a yoga practice which rivals an Olympic gymnast’s body tone and physique, but as I write this tonight, I can say that isn’t me, but I’m good.

Yoga is form of meditation for body, mind and soul, but the truth is, it moves heart, too. Goodness fills the body as your inhales and exhales lengthen. Yoga can be dull; you’re in control of your mind and body as you’re worried about contorting yourself into shapes and motions which may feel unfamiliar to you.


Much like a runner’s high, there’s a sweet spot in yoga. The place between movement and breath, the inhale and the exhale, where your twin soul comes out, the one who is mellow, wholesome, and peaceful. And then, light.


If you try it on your own, you’re on your own. It’s when you’re in a class surrounded by people struggling to do the same postures as you are, breathing and sweating, where community begins. The lustful center of your soul, which desires the practice the more you conform and contort your body, comes with time.


Like any great athlete, the toning and forming of your body would be a gift, received after months, weeks, or even years of vigorous practice. However, yoga doesn’t do this- not just body toning. It makes your meditation practice a daily piece of your life, lingering breathe between traffic lights and screaming babies.

Don’t worry if you can’t get on the mat everyday. Notice the placement of your hands, and honor the depth of your soul. Yoga starts where you begin.







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