How to Be Who You IS


It’s important to be who you are, in a world continuously trying to change you into something you are not.

Seriously. At the moment, seems to me that we’re all guilty of realizing sometimes, not everything is right for us. There will always be an idea, or situation, that you’ve encountered, which may have worked wonderfully for someone else, which doesn’t work for you.


I’ve been there- attempting to go back to school to be a nurse, or thinking about musical theatre as a college degree. It’s concretely evidenced by the fact that the sigt of needles makes me throw up, or my mom’s perfect career as an events planner might’nt be mine.

It’s important to try new things. It helps you figure out who you are, yes. But it also helps you figure out what or who you are not. For me, that process is going on continuously.

Haven’t you ever had a friend who was super into metal, so you think, alright, I’ll give it a whirl. Maybe you love metal music, maybe you hate it. In either case, the act of making yourself vulnerable to the new-ness of it all, gave you tremendous insight.


me as a flapper

It’s a little less likely you’re wondering if you’d be good as a pilot if you have no interest in  travel, or as a masseuse, if you’re skeeved out by touching people’s backs.

It is entirely  possible, however, that maybe you’d be good at something, which otherwise, you may have never given a second thought. Like me, the time a friend of my dad’s asked me to help at her flower shop, on Valentine’s Day, when I was in high school.

Should I have been a florist? Awesome idea, but it’s more about the fun I had picking out flowers, imagining adorable men bestowing them upon their loves. It meant a lot to me, to witness men and women, coming on the big day, wanting to do something nice for their significant other.

I am a romantic. (Duh, you knew this.)

Now, I get to figure it out all over again, and I’m trying, really trying. I’m figuring out what’s the most relaxing and rewarding way I can continue to live my life. The best of me, and the best of you, is still working itself out, give it time.

And all will be well.

IMG_0922dance your inner funky chicken


5 thoughts on “How to Be Who You IS

  1. I completely agree with you that sometimes you just need to be who you are, and trying things helps rule out what you don’t want. I think sometimes we make plans and want them to come to frutition because we worked so hard for them, and we fail to realize that perhaps this isn’t really who we are or what we want. It takes courage to abandon the path you are on and set out on a new one. I really liked your post, thanks for sharing!

    1. exactly, thank you, Karina! And thanks so very much for cruising by to check out my blog. If you’re wondering about whether or not something you’re doing is right, chances are, it isn’t, and it’s so important to listen to our inner voice. xo

  2. I completely agree, you have to try new things to figure out who you are. Its also perfectly okay if who you are is a fluid thing. As a military spouse I am always learning more about who I am with every obstacle and adventure I meet!

    1. I couldn’t agree more! Obstacles are teachers, and when we’re in the midst of them, it can be hard to see that. Looking back, we can connect the dots, more clearly! thanks so much for your comment, and for stopping by my blog!

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