Fear Less, Think Less, & Love More

Big, God-given things are worth exploring, right?

Australia, New Zealand, Istanbul, leaving the way you’re living and trying to heal.

And, sometimes, if you squint in the mirror when the light’s streaming in behind, you can see a new day.

Life’s made of decisions, that’s true. I spoke to a PhD doctor at work recently, asking for advice about travel. He said, “Everything is going to be a T- choice, whether you go left or right, doesn’t matter. It’s looking back at the choice that you didn’t make that derails you from living the choice you did.”

Can’t we all relate? I get caught up constantly in how I thought I’d be living my life versus how I am living my life. I know that that is insane, considering I am a still life with glitter inside my veins.

But still, we linger. And we begin to doubt.

Like the time I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. Sorry, that’s relevant- I still don’t. Now, I understand the choices I make are based less on fear, and more out of life. My friend Taraleigh said, “Quit your job if you want to but don’t stay in anything that doesn’t feel like ‘YES’. Follow the ‘YESES!’, they explode from your soul.”

Nothing changes unless we do. Nothing comes until we release the ties that bear our weight, and hold us back from ample opportunities. When the time is right, you’ll hear the bells.

Serenely, watch and see!


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