The Blue Mosque

Emotions come through in song, photos, writing, creative forces come together to show us the world from another eye’s lenses.

Today, I dream of Alexandria, Luxor, Egypt. Tutankhamun’s tomb, seeing the Sphinx in front of my eyes, walking along a sandy desert on a camel’s back, listening to Arabic spoken around me, exploring hidden treasures in a side street souk, and being openly and utterly the best place for me at the right time, Egypt.

A therapist I have said to me, ” The Pyramids, they are beings.” They loom over the Western Desert. Nothing is comparable, they are living creatures.

Istabul, though, before I get to Cairo, in the model of excellence, I am offered a free hotel in Turkey for a layover which exceeds 10 hours, 19, to be exact.

I am loving every hour, minute, and second of that time. The Blue Mosque, spice markets, haggling over Turkish rugs, the scents and smells of the most colorful city in the world, Turkish Delight, and finding my way onto a platform which leads to the unknown.

My amateur hour’s only beginning; I love traveling, I have visited roughly 12 countries in my young life and four continents. There’s nothing worse than knowing exactly where you will be in two years time- security is bliss, stability is important, but the growing comes from not knowing. It takes energy to cultivate a life balanced in trust, saying the yeses we need to emerge from our soul, rather than trusting our brains to give us a choice.

Leading with our hearts is the best, love.

Dubai, Luxor, or Alexandria; three beautiful, vastly different choices in three gorgeous, historical and amazing places for the the last three days of my trip. The tallest towers in the World, the Dubai Comedy Festival, a laughably rich police force and economy? Or Alexandria, seated on the Nile River, overflowing with art, history, and mistique? What about Luxor, and the Valley of the Kings? There is only one way to know; book the ticket, take the ride, fly home, and let everyone know, what it was like, but til then, I have several days to decide.


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