What I Did Last Night

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Life is too short to be unhappy. Life is too long to be alone.

Those two contradicting statements. They reappear to me now and again.

Today’s a life-lesson, for each of us, in some way.

Today, I treat my body, mind, and soul with the passion, love, dignity, respect, and yearning, I would someone else’s.

I’m going to Egypt on Monday, scared. I will be fine, I think. I have friends of friends on the ground in Cairo, and I make new friends wherever I go. There are opportunities to explore Dubai, Petra Cliffs at Jordan, or Luxor, Egypt while I am there. My instincts are willfully calling me away from this home place of mine, settling down in a mountain town, and living past my passions and beyond, into outer space.

I keep it cool like that.

Life answers you. Your questions, the willful calling of your energy, out into space. Life surprises us. I was on a tour bus last night, with Dave Chappelle. It was a Monday, I wasn’t supposed to be there, but I did that.

Life gives us gifts. Promises, wishes, and serious laughs. Sometimes, we give everything and it doesn’t work, that’s how it happens. Love finds you, true.

America’s best kept secret is the optimism of her people.


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