The Light

“There are darknesses in life and there are lights, and you are one of the lights, the light of all lights.” —Bram Stroker, Dracula

Things come together, right. Right?!

This week, trying to decide what I should do about going to Cairo, Egypt to attend the World Congress of the World Federation of Mental Health, and see the Pyramids. I panic, having no faith that it will be alright, and send frantic messages to friends, searching for someone to connect on the ground with me, someone to travel with me, someone to ensure, I am not alone.

Within an hour, I have a car/driver, a tour guide ( and a backup option), a friend of a friend who says she will tour with me daily from 2-6pm, one friend considering booking a ticket, and an apartment on the Nile River.

Supported. Breathing, easier, and a nice night to rest in the recognition that I might be supported beyond my wildest dreams in some things that the Universe agrees, I need to do. My therapist, a Oneness blessing giver and believer of most spiritual and New Age things says, “The Angels applaud when you decide on something they like. Heaven is silent when they don’t agree.”

I felt the Angels applaud this morning, which made my breath come easier.

This is a small experiment in the art of letting go, leaning on your own internal guidance, shutting out outside chatter, and committing an idea to yourself, trusting your own wisdom and intuition. Fear thinks out loud, searches for alleyways and doorways where we can get knocked out and hurt; faith scares all bullies away. Faith in the unknown is laughable; how can we trust that which we do not know exists? We try to reason with ourselves, instead of relying on that which we cannot see.

I told a friend recently I’d considered moving and quitting my job. She said, say yes to anything that follows your highest vibration right now. A few days later, Danielle LaPorte sent an email with the same message. Because I am waiting for signs, I am not living. I am searching, constantly, but in the act of moving, I clear the way for something good to pass.

And you, can’t wait to hear your stories.


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