Find Your Steeple


There’s a restaurant in Winooski, Vermont, called ‘Misery Loves Co.’, and it’s good.

As usual, the love I feel for my friend was palpable when she sat across from me there this past summer, as I asked her a ton of questions. How did you know what you wanted to do? How did you know he was ‘The One’? , so on and so forth.

Our food arrived. Listening with an ear towards Lisa, I asked her all of the stuff she wished she had known at 25.

I asked what she wanted to do with her life when she was my age ( Lisa, having the wise experience of someone who has lived longer than me, graciously answered this question.). But then, I wanted to know, how do I know what to do with my life? When is the time right to try? And how do I start?

“You have to find your steeple- the one point in your life that you are working towards and won’t quit. No matter how lost you get, keep your eyes on your person steeple, and you’re going to be fine.”

I have ruminated on this point for months; MY steeple, my own? I had no idea, such a large idea was guaranteed to take me a while to figure out. Then, it came to me; voila! I could FORCE a steeple; a goal, a lofty pursuit of such great ambition, it would guarantee me success! No. No . No.

More like….guarantee me to successfully….fail.

You see, children, the love of your life can’t force himself to love you back, not by any will of his heart. It’s the same for you, there won’t be a magic day where you enjoy onion rings if you don’t like the flavor, or crave a desk job if you’re more into the great outdoors.

Search for what calls your spirit, and then try your best to live in that place for as long as you can. Much like everything else, you’ll know it when you find it.

And thus I began, the quest for the great unknown.
Then, a gust of wind forced a ungodly large car upon me and I originated back to Mars where I came from and asked God all the questions I had needed to know during my time on Earth. Kidding, but I don’t know the answer for now. Like everything else, if you believe and wish hard enough, one day, you’ll look up and the answer will be there.

For now, we eat onion rings in bathtubs.


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