How to Create More Space for Joy in Your Life

calvin_hobbesMy life’s amazing, lots of living, growing, learning, and licking of old wounds.

I’m trying to be a better person, a lot. I see myself through others’ eyes sometimes, and realize, I am so harsh towards myself. Would I have ever accomplished so much, if I wasn’t, though?

I’m not sure. It’s a new day. I’m in my little office, with a fresh perspective after an inspiring team meeting, and a clean and orderly desk, after too many medical students’ papers littered my desk, and something had to go. I made room, I made time, and I made it happen.

Sometimes, something’s got to give, and it’s up to you to decide what goes, and what stays. When we’re in a relationship, it’s easy to see what to give up- my half of the closet, half of my shoes so you can fit yours here, an old sweatshirt which is a source of discord, unhealthy habits, other dates, and so on. When are you so particular about your own life? Hanging out with folks who are unkind, dishonest, or condescending; let them go. Anyone who gives you grief for being yourself, cut them out of your life. I recently released a new acquaintance, whom at one point I’d wanted to get to know. I feel right about the relieving of this essence in my life, because I did not approve of the way this person spoke with or treated me, so my happy life’s better off without someone like that!

I don’t need that, and neither do you. I need friends who are supportive, who are understanding, who lift me up and build me up, who laugh, can poke fun at themselves, and love each day as if it was the last one. Don’t be so harsh on yourself either; see all you bring to the table and relax into it. Your time is now, but it is also coming. And the things that are right for you, they will stay, and grow, and new things will come all the time.

I come home, see my plants, fold clean laundry from the dryer, wash away the fears and doubts of yesteryear. I know my time has come; I’m gifted, I can tell you that, there are so many wonderful blessings in my life. The ripple effect in the world is palpable; when you’re happy, you bring happiness to others.

So, for now, work on yourself as a bit of a spiritual project. Let go of old, let the new surface, put old habits, wants and worries away, and let yourself be whole, and home. I guarantee, there is more in this life that you are offering yourself.


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