It’s a Little Less Action and a Little More ‘Laxing

Are you happy?

I’m sensing we’re all a manic mess at some points, coursing through our lives, living ‘should’ve’s and ‘would’ve’s and ‘have to’s, more often than not. When are we starting to let go, and bring new life in?

I’m boring, sometimes. Sometimes, I want to seek out an opportunity to lay on my couch, and just rest. Rarely, though, do I make this happen. I’m a go-go-goer, and have been this way since I was a little girl. I’d rather rock climb than read a magazine. I’d rather rally for change than order a pizza, I’d love to stay home on a Saturday night, but why wait to live, when living’s right outside my door?

Last night, I stayed home. Granted, it was a Wednesday, but it was intentional. I saw some friends for a quick (& early) dinner, and took a long, luxurious bath, in oils and bubbles, with candles, oh, my! I spent an hour in there, following the rhythm of bubble legs languidly learning the evenness of their latitude. There’s something about slowing down, and reveling in the moment, which feels so calm, even amongst a stormy sea, that will set the soul at ease.

I strengthen my bond through soul in these experiences, and let lose of any expectations, growing, unbeknownst to me. When I put down the model in the mirror ideology, and stare at my own beautiful, make-up free, plain, face, I wake up a little. Shuddering inside me is a thought, it says, ‘Why need to do so many things? Breathe, in, and, out. Let go. Hope’s here, love is on the rise. Five stars, just for being you.’ Amazing.

Oh, wouldn’t it be wonderful, to have a startling revelation, that we are enough as we are in our own bare skin? That without our awards and diplomas and 401ks, we’re still enough? Eating vegetarian or running a marathon or encasing yourself in gold at the Olympics, if you’re not engulfed in the flames of aspiration at the end of a long day, you’re still a human, a person worth knowing, a soul worth experiencing. Soul-ed out.

Whenever you’re striving, basking in the flow of a moment reached, experience the depth of your longitude. The depth of the wisdom inside you, the lyrics that cross the mind as you stare into the wild eyes of your wonderful self, from toddler, to teenager, to now.

Aren’t you lovely? As, the wild oats of your youth were sowed, so shall the wise hearts of men be better off for knowing their undying truth; I am, I was, and I will be, always.


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