’tis all happening within us

Now listen, you guys. I’m not going to sit here and pretend that I don’t chase a big, shiny, ambitious, all-conquering life. I’ve always aimed for the stars, and I suppose I always will — it’s in my nature to reach high, to aspire for huge experiences, and to live BIG. I also spend a lot of time encouraging other people to live big. I can’t see myself ever relenting on my striving. or ever wanting to scale back my appetites too much. And I love it, even when it wipes me out at times. I love my big, messy, exploding, searching, hungry life.– Elizabeth Gilbert

Calm before the storm when you open your eyes, waking from a long, languid sleep, and realize you’re late for work. The ironic piece is, of course, before you were going to bed, you were working on your yoga poses, lighting candles, meditating, and listening to peaceful music. Right, Wrong.

The nice thing about being a human is some days, you forget the laundry in the washing machine, and it must be redone, you get to live this laughable needy way in which we have to have someone around us part of the time, and we can say what we want and what we feel. I remember writing in my sixth grade journal, “My goal for sixth grade is to be perfect.” Then I wrote a list of what that meant. Guess what else is perfect? Owning your limitations, and accepting them.

Nothing’s harder than waking up in the spirit to wash your face, throw laundry in, put away dishes, meditate, go for a jog, write on your blog, make coffee then arrive on work on time in a mintly- steamed outfit with all the kinks ironed out. It’s not real; it’s really, really hard!

Then, we have this spiritual thing. What if I want to drink the yoga kool-aid but drink the wine spritzer right after? Who says I can’t be on a blanket under stars at a meditation retreat, then swipe right on Tinder on my phone a few days later? There’s twice as much fun found in being a little unbalanced sometimes- it gives us the opportunities to right ourselves, and maybe even out a little.

Exceptional journeys take a few things; perseverance, acceptance, grounded-ness, and patience. Anything worth doing doesnt come easy, or so they say. Make time for forgiveness somewhere in your type A day, as well. Don’t get hopeful about some guy texting you but forget to look in the mirror and tell your spicy self how much you rock. Inspire others but get transfixed on feeding into the wild energies of your own emotions.

Don’t let yourself down, ever! Bask in the glory of your own freedom. It all serves.


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