Please don’t give up on yourself, your intuition, or the people around you.

Whenever you’re struggling and sad or depressed, it’s the folks around you who will help you along your path, and build you up again. Change is often hard, but good. Necessary to growth, even though we are often reluctant to do so, is to let go of all the habits and wants which we no longer need. Medication for the soul, if you will; releasing old karma, expectations and growing together towards a truth of which we are truly capable of living.

Try, try, try to think of roses, lovely things, good weather, sunshine, laughter, puppies, kittens and gooey sticky small children hands. Look at life from an upside down telescope; there’s still so much more to find. And, when you do, you’re going to look back on all of this and want it to change the very same way it did all over again, no matter how small it felt at the time, it was what you needed most.

I am not your best friend, I am not your girlfriend, or your mother; I am a friend, writing to you from afar, hoping you’re going to look up, and realize how incredible you are, seriously.

When you’re in doubt, it’s fine to be. Stay there for a minute, or two, but not much longer. Uncover the pieces of yourself which you’d tucked away when you were undoubtedly hurt before, and allow them to be watered, seeds to grow a new. It’s impossible not to dream, to hide away from love, to not shock the world with your value. Serenity, blossoming, love and all that would make your sunny days brighter and more exciting, to you, now.

There’s miracles!


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