Serendipity, Karma and Good Things Coming, Coming, Coming

Cape Town, South Africa.

I’m standing in an elevator about to go to breakfast in a hotel which I did not choose, to attend a congress I was invited to three weeks before the start, by an Irish man who now lives in New York, who I met while bartending at an outdoor gay bar.


And I’m standing next to a woman, who has a distinct accent, so distinct to its region it can be nothing but…..518? Can this woman standing next to me be possibly from the Catskills, a region 1,000s of miles away and so small that many people do not know of its existence?

“Yes, I live in Albany,” she says. Her name’s Susan, and we still keep in touch. She is a lawyer and works for the U.N. on projects involving elderly rights.

It’s the most forceful, easy, magical force I have ever experienced and one of my favorites of all, Divine Timing. Being in the right place at the right time. Watching loved ones suffer and fail because they’ve closed off their hearts, due to past hurts, and choose not to surrender to the flow and beauty that is life.

Aw, dang, but then sometimes, I know I’m not following my truest heart either, and I get lost in the muddle and stress of being perfect, this, that or the other thing. It’s all a process, baby, living free and alive in this wild, wild, wild, world.

If I can say one thing to you, it is to live large, to love loud, and always give it your all. There will never be a time you will devote all of your energy to something and be ashamed for it; unless, you are. It’s always a good thing to try your hardest. Love the best way you know how, even if you’re concerned with how it’s all going to unfold in the end. Your heart’s biggest friend and asset is yourself, you know yourself better than anyone on this planet.

Maybe we’re all really singing out loud a song no one can hear and it bonds us together until we begin to sing together, a song so clear only the birds can hear. Besides serendipity, karma, and people who’ll love and accept you in your sweatpants, lazy laying on a couch and on a no makeup kind of day, life’s magic.

Aren’t you open to it, today? Put your hand four inches in front of your chest, take a deep breath, close your eyes, and feel the energy there, your very own force field.

You’re about to live higher and more magical than every before, starting today. Choose it, believe in it, and all good things will be yours!


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