Higher Education

This blog post inspired my day today, piece by piece.

Today: I worked, and yoga-ed, I listened to music (Lord Huron) and rode the bus, twice. I spoke to friends, had a good conversation with an old friend, and ate a salad. I tried, in other words. I brewed Dunkin Donuts Hazelnut coffee in my kitchen at 7:00 a.m. I put on my happy light, and I hit the snooze button.

I walked to the bus, from my apartment, past the construction workers I travel by everyday. I heard them, talking about measurements and what tools to use, and I thought of how different their jobs are then mine. I witnessed a man running down the street across from my bus stop, holding two hard hats, and thought, ” Man, that guy’s going to be outside all day!”

I thought over my Master’s degree choices – counseling, MPH or community development and applied economics? I tried less to think about finances and more about happiness, the ultimate level of worthiness in my mind. I am starting to see how it’s all coming together, albeit, slowly. I received Healing Touch from this woman wearing a beautiful flow-y romper and a quartz crystal necklace. We spoke about her dream of yoga teacher training. I took a Hatha Flow class, and laid my mat in my favorite spot, in front of a large Quartz crystal.

All of this is something. It is a day, pieced together with intentions, and memories, and space. It’s rhetoric, and poetry in motion; fluid-ness of moving through a space you’ve been before, lighter.

It’s still not knowing, and not wondering what the weather will be. It’s signs, and easy does it. It’s less of a handshake hello and more of a systematic goodbye, to old things, to let in the new. It’s scrubbing fresh a dirty window to create room for the light to come in.


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