Great Plans and Keith Urban

Taste of Country, Mountain Jam, home; they’re all in the same beautiful mountain, Hunter, in New York.

Thunderstorms, and life not going as planned. Sitting under a tent, serving drinks to bands and stage managers, getting wet with rain and Bud. Listening to the base from the side stage. Hoping we’re there all day, and all night. What’s the point of complaining when life’s this great?

Unlike some things, the weather isn’t negotiable. It happens, winter, summer, spring and fall. We’re working, and Keith Urban’s preparing to go on. Someone ushers us to come in, storms are brewing, so we stop pouring, right before the rain does.

Thank God by the time we got in, it was starting, and I was dry. Another place, another time, an opportunity to live fully in the moment. How would it be possible to live another way? We can’t leave. We’d planned to stay. We’re all trapped inside together; one big, crazy, country festival in a small mountain town.

Can you have it all? I’m seeing a lot of threes, and elevens. A girl working with me, 13 weeks pregnant and getting married in 3 weeks. A guitarist, celebrating his 11th wedding anniversary. A doctor, congratulating his wife on 30 years of wedded bliss. One bar and one small mountain town. Can it be so good to hold onto it, all the juice of life?

Threes are wonderful; they’re signs from the Universe, and so are 11s. This has been happening for me, for a few wonderful months. This comforts me, these signs. Are you convinced they’re not real? Ask the Universe to say to you the thing you need to know- expect to get it.

Magic happens, fate, destiny, coincidence. Nothing is without a reason, and miracles happen everyday. I believe in these instances so hard my heart’s on fire.

Freedom from the crowds, but the rain’s still going. For now, we relax, in chaos and solitude, only connected by the natural force which brings us together.


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