I Know I Look Young: Old Lady Girl Turns 25!

Things come together, Divine Timing or serendipity is exactly on time, you’re never too long or too short or too thin or too old or too fat to start something, your passion’s important.

Three millions of lives ago, I began to live my first life. I was poor, probably, I never had anxiety or headaches or concerns, surely, as I knew to trust my inner wisdom and all that noise in the space between my head and chest: the heart.

Now, I’m seriously older than that, or feel it anyways. I’m serious! I feel like an old woman, a sage, at times, drinking up all life has to offer, coming down with colds like everyone else, getting splashes with muddy water on tires spun too fast near crosswalks, same as all of us.

When I start a conversation with someone, I sink into their eyes, their heart center and their identity as a constellation before asking what the weather is going to be somewhere near where we are. This is little known, but a fact: I am so weird.

Also, I’m going to spill your beans, girl and boy wonders of the world: so are you.

Thinking Out Loud:  Part 2:

I’m loved.

I’m magic.

I’ll serenade you with love songs.

I’ll send your postcard.

I’ll eat your breakfasts, I love doing that!

There’s something to be said about getting it right on the third time.

There are three hundred million more lives in store, still, I know there’s only one, this life, today!

So, without further adieu, here’s the littlest and widest breadth of my knowledge at 3.6 million, scratch that, billion stars old, or….

twenty five-

1. thanking others, super kind, super imperative. sometimes people don’t want to live or laugh anymore; your smile and thanks could save lives!

2. being on time is crucial to understanding patience, because everyone around you is always late.

3. trying too hard to be cool isn’t going to be cool, it’s going to help others see you’re uncomfortable with yourself; be as weird as you want.

4. I’m not psychic , having true conversations means asking 10xs about them and saying once about you. This allows you to listen better than you talk. To practice your public speaking, talk to yourself in a mirror.

5. Sweets and gluten and dairy aren’t the worst things on the planet for your acne, but if you’re struggling, try giving them up and see what happens.

6. Shake the freedom feeling off your bones once and settle into a life you’re earning with love, passion, peace, prosperity and sweetness.

7. And I don’t want to see your heart broken, so choose a life partner who is kind, to you, animals, babies, old people, and all, sweetheart!

8. Your aches and pains don’t mean you’re old. As in, don’t complain, start being kinder to yourself, exercise, medicine, proper health, food, diet, walking, etc. Awesome for you, awesome-r for those people who are used to your complaints!

9. Write yourself love letters, its awesome to love and leave oneself a note once in a while so maybe someday you’re going to style your own hairstyle or insightfully grab the right pen without looking to see what color it is, it would be nice to have a reminder of how wonderful you are, from yourself. Post it notes are your friend.

10. things change, and. space can be good.

11. times sorry doesn’t cut it: breaking into a house, cheating on a spouse, or intentionally hurting someone. Learn to forgive despite these growing hatred crimes we see, constantly treat people with kindness, first. Assume it’s not your fault.

12. Start a journal, the earlier, the better. Writing down your life story beats all.

13. Channel your inner demons and then work to extract them. Don’t give yourself an excuse to work any harder or suffer any longer than absolutely necessary.

14. Take a road trip, even a mini one, once every thirty days. Good medication, soul-wise.

15. Freedom’s what’s sweating us from the inside out; figure out what’s holding your hostage and release it, starting soon!

16. your hair doesn’t look so bad. self-compliments; magic in mirrors and motion, sugar!

17. great friends, relationships, and cookies take a few things: sweetness and patience- also, time.

18. there’s no substitute for good company, so don’t even try.

19. Gifts are happening; look around.

20. if you’re unhappy with a situation, change the situation. if you’re unhappy with the new situation, happiness isn’t so far away; try a new situation. If you’re unhappy with yourself, become your best self.

21. take back your own power.

22. needs are different than wants, meaning, try to distinguish between the two, as often as humanly possible.

23. dance, way too often, so realistically, you’re so busy dancing, you don’t notice there isn’t any music playing. sweethearts in love, this goes to you, today and forever!

24. money’s happiness is bought when you’re able to give yourself experiences, materials aren’t as happiness-driven.

25. make love, more often than you don’t.

Can’t wait to see twenty six, I love you so much for reading-hugs to you!


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