Beginnings Come From Endings; Why There is No Middle Ground

All of my life, I’ve thrown myself, headfirst, into everything I’ve believed to be true. Prom, dieted for two weeks before to fit into my dress and feel like a princess. Volunteering in Tanzania, took on the role of a student leader, coordinating with folks on the ground and in our community, to create the best experience. Forever ago, it seems, something inside of me knew it wasn’t learned behavior to recede, to rejoice, to live- it was an action, a step one has to take.

You get to choose. Choice replaces fear, replaces hungry, replaces guilt, replaces anxiety. The choice to live in the present moment, the only moment that is yours, is your call.

Call it what you will, but it’s a gift. Pleasure is a choice, mediocrity is as well. When we’re in a relationship, we get to choose how we act- choose better, not bitter. Don’t hold yourself back from something potentially amazing so you can see howΒ  you do without. And when you’re free and single, love life as if it was the ocean and you are a jellyfish. Float on, baby, float on- and give yourself space.

Things come to us with lessons to learn, karma to burn, and situations come undone with God’s blessing. Nothing on this green earth is an accident, even if you Mom doth beg to differ. If you’re on this planet, you’re here with a purpose, God gave you an intention in your heart, see what it is. Intuition guides you through fields of wildflowers, back to something that feels like home, that means you’re going to be something!

Give up what doesn’t serve you- there is no middle ground. As my friend Taraleigh likes to say, “If it isn’t a hell yes, it’s a hell no.” That’s what it’s all about.

Give up that which is holding you back. Let go of someone who doesn’t value your worth, and become more of who you are. Share your juiciness with each and every person you see; smile, sweetly, and stare at the ocean. Feel it in your soul things which you’re asking questions about. Wander. Be alarmed when someone opens the door for you, and then learn to be alarmed when someone doesn’t. Respect- give it, not take it, and be willing and open to receiving.

I can’t tell you how to live your life. All I can say is, live a life you will be proud to tell your daughter about one day. I have started, and I will start again and again and start something that will see me over the hill over the sky and back down again.

Love, something that burns inside of you, something that guides you, something that is yours to give away. Send it a note, write it down, make it so. Thou doth not protest the mediocre job you’re living in if you won’t do something about it- same goes for love. Just DO. No fear, no holding back, simple and ease of letting go.

Slide, let it go, hands up, enjoy the ride!


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